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What Is Considered a Serious Burn? Rio Rancho Injury Lawyers

Burn injuries occur when heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation cause damage to the skin and the body’s underlying layers of tissue. And while many burns heal quickly, severe injuries often have life-changing consequences. Burn victims in Rio Rancho NM may face costly medical bills, lost income, and long-term disability in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident.

That’s why Rio Rancho personal injury lawyers want victims to understand their legal rights when a serious burn accident occurs as the result of another entity’s negligence. When an injury is severe enough to impact an individual’s quality of life or financial status, personal injury claims can often be used to help victims recover their damages. With the assistance of the New Mexico injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw, victims can better assess the severity of their injuries, as well as the compensation they may qualify for.

What Are the Major Types of Burns?

Burn injury attorneys in Rio Rancho know that all burn accidents are unique, and many victims will have their own questions about what is considered a serious burn. Because the severity and source of burn accidents differ, burn injuries can be classified according to the extent of the damage they cause to the skin and body. The medical community has established a rating system to both classify the type of damage caused by burns, as well as indicate the treatments that may be necessary for them to heal.

The following is a list of the major types of burns and the treatments they are likely to require:

First-Degree Burns

It’s unlikely that a lawyer will ever work with a case involving first-degree burns, as these injuries typically heal quickly on their own or with the help of over-the-counter treatments.

First-degree burns only damage the outer layer of skin, and they typically heal within three to six days as long as they don’t become infected. Common sources of first-degree burns include sun exposure and contact with hot objects or liquids.

Second-Degree Burns

Unlike first-degree burns, second-degree burns cause damage to the tissue located beneath the outermost layer of skin. These injuries are more likely to lead to swelling, blistering, and possible scarring, and can take as long as a month to fully heal. Common causes of second-degree burns include severe sun exposure, hot water, open flames, and chemicals.

Third and Furth-Degree Burns

Many of the cases that Rio Rancho personal injury lawyers see involve third and fourth-degree burns, the most severe types of burn injuries. These burns cause substantial damage not only to the skin, but also to underlying muscles, tendons, nerve endings, and bones.

Many third- and fourth-degree burns require extensive surgical procedures such as skin grafting. Even then, these burns may lead victims to sustain permanent scars. In the most extreme cases, fourth-degree burns can be a cause of death.

After seeking appropriate medical treatment, speaking with a burn injury attorney in Rio Rancho is the best way to determine the severity of your burns, as well as the ways a personal injury claim could help you to recover costs associated with them. In general, burn injury attorneys will work to help victims recover economic damages like medical costs and lost income, as well as non-economic damages, such as ongoing pain and suffering.

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