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What to do if You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect in Victoria, Texas

Nursing homes in Victoria, Texas, as well as throughout the United States, are mandated by law to protect the rights of individuals under their care. The lawyers at Carabin Shaw fight to enforce protection of these rights. All too often, we have seen the suffering and torment of individuals who have had their rights neglected and abused. Victoria nursing home negligence shouldn’t happen, but it does, and when it does, our attorneys are ready to defend the innocent, ready to be a voice for those least able to speak for themselves, and ready to demand justice for your loved one.

Attorneys at Carabin Shaw are both knowledgeable and current on regulations governed by federal and state laws. If you are wondering what to do if you suspect nursing home neglect in Victoria, Texas, a free phone call and initial consultation with a Carabin Shaw attorney can provide clear insight on what constitutes abuse or neglect, and if you’re suspicions should be looked into further.

Abuse of the elderly occurs in many forms. It can take the form of emotional and social neglect, such as when your elderly or incapacitated loved one is left unattended and ignored, deprived of social stimuli and interaction. This can cause them immense emotional distress, which in turn impacts their physical and cognitive health.

If their personal hygiene has been ignored or is substandard, this too can be abuse and neglect. To sit or lie in soiled clothing is both physically unhealthy and dehumanizing, and should never be tolerated. Other forms of abuse and neglect occur through medical neglect, or failure to meet basic needs such as being fed, properly hydrated, and provided a clean environment. These are just a few examples of potential abuse. Our attorneys are standing by ready to help you understand if what your loved one is facing is deemed neglect or abuse.

Nursing homes in Victoria are required by law to provide in writing a list of the resident’s rights. The list is an extensive declaration that your loved one as a nursing home resident is entitled to be free from:

  • Abuse and neglect,
  • Discriminatory treatment in accordance with civil rights laws,
  • Physical restraints,
  • Involuntary transfers,
  • Involuntary discharge from a facility,
  • And more.

If you are still wondering what to do if you suspect nursing home neglect in Victoria, Texas, your first step should be to contact an attorney with Carabin Shaw. Elder abuse happens more than we’d like to believe. When it does occur, there are those who will cover up the events to either protect themselves, to protect other employees, or to protect the facility.

When you contact an attorney at Carabin Shaw, you immediately start the wheels of justice turning. Our lawyers know the questions to ask and the evidence to look for. We can obtain an order to secure records and insure there are no changes to a file. It is standard practice in the medical field to secure the records of patients and residents when the potential for an investigation exists. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to contact one of our attorneys at Carabin Shaw in Victoria for a confidential consultation before discussing the concern with anyone else.

If you need an attorney in Victoria, Texas who is tenacious, diligent and committed to uncovering truth, an attorney who will fight to see that your loved one is fairly represented, you need the law firm of Carabin Shaw. Again, if you are wondering what to do if you suspect nursing home neglect in Victoria, Texas, call our attorneys at Carabin Shaw for a free initial consultation. We can be reached in Victoria at 361.485.1400 or toll-free at 800-862-1260 day and night.

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