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What You Need for a Succesful 18 Wheeler Accident Case

Getting into an 18 wheeler accident in Carlsbad, New Mexico can change your life forever. A wreck with an 18 wheeler is not only more dangerous than a wreck between two passenger vehicles, but it’s also more legally complicated. A number of parties can be at fault depending on what happened in your case. On top of that, trucking companies usually have teams of aggressive Carlsbad 18 wheeler accident lawyers whose sole purpose is to settle with you for less than you deserve.

To get compensation for the damages and injuries you’ve suffered, you’re going to have to compile substantial evidence. What you need for a successful 18 wheeler accident case is not only sufficient evidence, but also the right representation. New Mexico attorney James Shaw has decades of experience fighting for victims of 18 wheeler accidents to make sure they get justice.

Everything You Need to Make Your 18 Wheeler Case

Winning an 18 wheeler accident case is not always easy, but with the right evidence you’ll have a strong chance at winning the compensation you deserve. Below are the most important pieces of evidence you and your truck injury lawyer in Carlsbad will need to make your case:

  1. Accident report - After reporting your accident to the police, they’ll show up and create an accident report. This document will be the starting point for you to begin building your case. The accident report will include the date, time, and location of the accident, a diagram of the accident scene, contact information of all parties involved as well as witnesses, and other relevant details such as the weather conditions at the time of the accident.
  2. Medical records - It’s important to see a doctor or visit the hospital as soon as you can after an 18 wheeler accident. Your health is of the utmost importance. Sometimes, injuries don’t have immediate outward signs, and a proper medical evaluation will be able to uncover any hidden maladies should you have them. The closer your visit is to the date of the accident, the easier it will be for your attorney to connect your injuries to the accident. If you wait too long, the trucking company and their representatives may try to say your injuries and the accident are unrelated.
  3. Dash Cameras - More and more, 18 wheeler companies are installing dash cameras in their vehicles. They use these cameras to monitor truck drivers’ actions and also to prevent false claims. Sometimes, this footage will be visual proof of a driver’s negligence, which can be a powerful piece of evidence for your case.
  4. Driver Qualification File - Every trucking company must keep a record of every driver regarding their ability or inability to comply to certain safety guidelines. Your lawyer will be able to go through this file and see if any of the information can be useful for your case. For instance, if a trucker has numerous infractions documented within his driver qualification file, a trucking company could be considered negligent for keeping him on the job when he’s clearly a risk to others on the road.
  5. Electronic logging devices - Truckers used to log their hours by paper, but now they mostly use electronic logging devices. The Department of Transportation has specific regulations regarding these devices, which are how truckers keep track of their hours of services and other safety compliances they must keep on record.
The Law Firm That’s Ready to Fight For You

The final step in a successful 18 wheeler accident case is getting the right truck injury lawyer in Carlsbad on your side. New Mexico attorney James Shaw always puts his clients first, and he does everything in his power to fight big trucking companies and make them pay for their negligent actions. If you need a Carlsbad 18 wheeler accident lawyer, we’re ready to help. Call toll free at 1-800-555-0101.

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