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Where Does Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Occur

Carbon monoxide poisoning happens quickly and silently, so understanding where and when you are at risk for carbon monoxide exposure is critical in preventing accidents. To help you avoid carbon monoxide poisoning accidents in New Orleans, our experts have outlined the locations where carbon monoxide poisoning is most likely to occur, and the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you’ve experienced carbon monoxide poisoning and were injured, call an experienced carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer in New Orleans like Attorney of Counsel of Carabin Shaw, Berit Hanna.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Occur?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur anywhere where combustible engines can be found. Carbon monoxide is typically emitted as a byproduct of the combustion of fuels like gasoline, natural gas, oil, or kerosene. This type of reaction can be found in many places around our homes, businesses, and public spaces.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home

Carbon monoxide poisoning at home often stems from broken or defective appliances such as heaters, water heaters, stoves, furnaces, and boilers. All of these products emit small amounts of carbon monoxide during regular use but have vents and other mechanisms in place to ensure that CO does not leak into the home. When they are broken or defective, they can often produce extra carbon monoxide by not fully combusting the gas used as a fuel source which can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the home.

Appliances and vehicles that are typically used outdoors like charcoal grills, cars, boats, and generators can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning when they are not used in well ventilated or open spaces. Generators and charcoal grills should never be used in enclosed or indoor areas.

Defective products can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning in the home even when used correctly. Sometimes, heaters or other major home appliances are not manufactured correctly and cause injury. If a defective product caused your carbon monoxide poisoning, call a personal injury attorney serving New Orleans.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Public Places

Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur away from the home for many of the same reasons that it occurs in homes. Some spaces, like workplaces and hotels, are more prone to CO exposure than others and therefore have a greater necessity for taking precautions against carbon monoxide exposure.

The following are some of the occupations with the highest risk for carbon monoxide exposure in New Orleans:

  • Welder
  • Mechanic
  • Forklift Operator
  • Toll Booth Operator
  • Police Officer
  • Taxi Driver
  • Chemical Worker
  • Longshore Worker

If you’ve been injured by carbon monoxide poisoning in the workplace, call a carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer in New Orleans to get the compensation you deserve.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Carbon monoxide exposure can most easily be prevented by having working carbon monoxide detectors installed properly in both homes and businesses. Because carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, one of its most dangerous aspects is being left undetected.

If you live in an apartment, and you were injured by carbon monoxide poisoning because of a broken or missing carbon monoxide detector, your landlord may be responsible for your accident. Call a personal injury attorney in New Orleans to see if you have a valid claim against a negligent property owner.

What Can I Recover Damages for My Injuries?

If you’ve been injured in a carbon monoxide poisoning accident, you should reach out to a lawyer regardless of the circumstances. An experienced attorney can help you get to the bottom of who or what caused your carbon monoxide poisoning and help you pursue damages against any negligent parties.

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