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Where Severe Burn Injuries Occur in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Fire, chemicals, electricity, radiation, hot liquids, and steam all cause burns. Most often, these injuries damage the outer layer of skin. However, in severe cases, these wounds are deeper and warrant expensive long-term care. While Broken Arrow OK is the safest city in the state, its citizens aren’t exempt from harm. Burns can happen anywhere, and responsible parties should be held accountable.

If someone else’s negligence caused your burn injury, Oklahoma burn accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw could help secure compensation on your behalf. Our attorneys have been putting clients first since 1992. In that time, we’ve recovered over $1 billion on their behalf. Let us give you that same level of service. For a free case review, call us toll-free at 800-862-1260.

How Doctors Classify Burn Injuries

Researchers with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) report that “burns are under-appreciated injuries” that require intensive assessment and treatment.

Doctors look at the following criteria to assess the clinical care patients need:


There are four different burn degrees. The higher the degree, the deeper and more hazardous the burn. For example, a first-degree burn occurs only on the skin’s surface, while a fourth-degree burn reaches fat and bone and can require amputation. Second, third, and fourth-degree burns carry added risks, too.

According to the NCBI, these injuries can be “accompanied by an immune and inflammatory response, metabolic changes and distributive shock that can be challenging to manage and can lead to multiple organ failure.” Burn injury attorneys in Broken Arrow advise that higher-degree burns generally lead to larger settlements because the damage is devastating, and recovery takes a long time.


Widespread burn injuries can trigger an immune response, so you should see a doctor if your burns cover more than 10% of your body. A Broken Arrow personal injury lawyer can help you move forward with a case involving substantial burns.


If the burn covers the joints, groin, hands, feet, and face, you might require specialized care to encourage proper healing. Burns in these areas can impact expression and agility, so good care is crucial.


Older adults tend to have a more difficult recovery and require more extensive care. Lawyers will take the duration of your medical care into account when evaluating your case.

The above factors affect your legal damages. The law will take more severe cases into account because these patients have more significant costs associated with their injuries. So, your medical care’s type, duration, and outcomes provide crucial data for your case.

Where Burn Injuries Happen

Burns can happen anywhere, but if you want to know where severe burn injuries occur in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, the American Burn Association identified the following common locations:

  • 73% in the home
  • 8% occupational
  • 5% on the street or highway
  • 5% in recreational or sports accidents
  • 9% in other circumstances

Even if your injury occurred in the home, you could still file a lawsuit if your burn was the result of a landlord’s negligent upkeep of the property or a defective product.

If workers’ compensation insurance covers your occupational injury, you will only be able to bring a suit if a defective product or coworker’s negligence caused you harm. You will not be able to sue the company, but burn injury attorneys in Broken Arrow can outline other routes for you if they are available.

In any case, if your injuries are not your fault, a Broken Arrow personal injury lawyer will do everything in their power to ensure that your injuries are covered no matter where they happened.

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