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Who Can I Sue For Truck Driver Negligence in Aransas Pass

When a wrongful death or injury occurs due to Aransas Pass truck driver negligence, it is not always clear who can be held responsible. Likewise, it is a complicated matter in making sure that all responsible parties are actually held responsible. Though it may not be on one of the major interstates that run through Texas, Aransas Pass is no stranger to truck driver negligence. Thus, knowing the answer to, “whom can I sue for truck driver negligence in Aransas Pass,” is important for those involved in or connected to such an accident.

These cases can get very complicated, and it is always advisable for you or your loved one to seek the help of a qualified Aransas Pass trucking crash attorney. However, there is some general information that the legal expertise here at Carabin Shaw is happy to provide.

If you or a loved one recently became victim to wrongful injury or death in or around Aransas Pass, doing anything besides recovering or grieving is no easy matter. Despite this, it is vital that a claim of negligence be presented so as to prevent further negligence that can lead to even more injury or death. Chances are that this may be clear to you or your loved ones, but the question likely remains of who can be sued for truck driver negligence in Aransas Pass.

Requirements for Holding Negligent Parties Liable

For these types of suits to be successful, the party held responsible must typically be shown to have acted in a negligent manner that resulted in injury or death. It is not enough to simply show that they were negligent; their negligence must be shown to have a causal relationship to the injury or death in question.

It is this burden of proof that makes it so important that you or your loved one work with an attorney with both the access to investigative resources and strong legal know-how to be able to establish this connection, resources that the lawyers of Carabin Shaw has access throughout Texas, to include Aransas Pass.

Who Can be Liable for Trucking Negligence

Essentially, you can hold multiple different types of parties responsible in these types of cases. Obviously, the truck driver can be deemed at fault, should negligence be clearly established. Yet, it is also possible to hold the company who has contracted the services of said driver. For example, if a truck driver causes a vehicle to flip due to a lack of restful sleep that can be directly tied to the fact that the driver was going over the legal maximum amount of time allowed to drive in a day, all while the driver’s company was aware of this, then both the driver and the company can be held responsible for negligence.

That said, determining liability in trucking accidents is no easy matter. Besides the driver and employer, there’s also the option of faulty parts manufacturers and providers of unsafe cargo. The unfortunate reality is that we already are in a nation that allows businesses to have quite a bit of power, with the state of Texas in particular being notorious for given companies great latitudes.

Though you’d have the law on your side and be well within your rights to hold a negligent company responsible for the actions of a truck driver whom the company should not have had on the road, these cases are no simple matter, and it is important that you contact a highly-qualified attorney immediately to assist you in all matters of determining liability.

If you’ve recently been in an 18-wheeler accident and need to know whom you can sue for truck driver negligence in Aransas Pass, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our legal experts here at Carabin Shaw. We have attorneys staffed in offices throughout Texas, including in Aransas Pass.

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