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Who Is Liable for a Severe Burn Injury in Tulsa Oklahoma?

On March 8, 2021, the Oklahoma City Fire Department was called out to extinguish a dangerous mobile home fire that spread to multiple surrounding homes and outbuildings. Thankfully, the couple in the mobile home escaped uninjured, but their land and property suffered extensive damages. In Tulsa, however, another mobile home was hit by a substantial fire on April 11 of the same year, leaving two beloved pets dead in the flames.

What options do victims of dangerous residential fires like these have according to state law? The Oklahoma lawyers at Carabin Shaw have helped thousands of burn victims explore their options and seek justice in the form of a fair financial settlement. In order to do so, our team has become experts in establishing liability in personal injury lawsuits.

How Does a Tulsa Burn Injury Attorney Establish Liability?

The first and most important task of a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa is establishing liability for their client’s injuries. So, who is liable for a severe burn injury in Tulsa Oklahoma?

In order to argue that the defendant is liable for their client’s injuries, an attorney must establish:

  • The defendant owed their client a duty of care (or right to reasonable safety)
  • The defendant was negligent in upholding this duty
  • The defendant’s negligence directly contributed to their client’s burn injuries

Once liability is established, your burn injury lawyer can argue for the extent of the defendant’s financial obligations as determined by state law.

Examples of Liable Parties for Tulsa Burn Injuries Landlords Who Fail to Adhere to State Fire Safety Regulations

State and federal fire safety guidelines are designed to prevent dangerous residential fires. Renters have the same right to safe living conditions, and landlords can be held liable if they are negligent in their duty to provide them. For example, if a landlord is found to have been negligent in upkeep of their units’ smoke detectors, they could be held financially responsible for any resulting injuries.

Negligent Caretaker

The majority of victims of scald burns are young children and the elderly. Unfortunately, all too often these scald burns are caused by negligent caretakers who do not observe their charges or are actively abusive.

Coworker Who Causes a Dangerous Workplace Accident

Occupational accidents are one of the most common sources of burn injuries throughout Oklahoma. If you have been injured during the course of your employment, you may be offered worker’s compensation by your employer.

If this is the case, you are ineligible to file for further compensation. However, if your workplace burn injury was the fault of a third-party (say, a negligent co-worker), Oklahoma law allows you to file a burn injury claim to seek damages.

Drunk Driver Who Causes an Explosive Automobile Accident

Many people do not think of automobile accidents as a significant risk for burn injuries. However, the combustible elements in a car’s engine can start dangerous fires or explosions when impacted. If a driver is found to have caused an accident due to gross negligence (for example, driving while intoxicated), they are legally responsible for the consequences of their actions.

These are only a few examples of individuals or entities who can be held liable for burn injuries. Talk to a qualified Tulsa burn injury attorney to learn more about liability in your specific burn injury lawsuit.

The Oklahoma Lawyers at Carabin Shaw Hold Liable Parties Accountable

For nearly three decades, we have proudly served burn victims in the Tulsa area. To learn more about how we can hold those responsible for your burn injuries accountable, call toll-free at 800-862-1260 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation case review with a Carabin Shaw personal injury lawyer in Tulsa.

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