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Why You Should Hire a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer

The Southwest United States contains some of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the nation. Against the backdrop of canyons and deserts lies the beautiful New Mexico capital city of Santa Fe. Santa Fe is home to some of the best art attractions in the country, and a tourism industry that has been steadily growing in recent years.

Because of this, the service and hospitality industries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are steadily busy, especially during peak holiday and traveling seasons. When large groups of people flock to Santa Fe, they fill the town’s hotel rooms, but those who stay in these rooms can be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning at any moment.

Within these hotel rooms, there are often heaters and vents that share airways with larger spaces, such as boiler rooms, in which gas-powered machinery and appliances run consistently. Anywhere there is a gas or gasoline-powered apparatus, there is always a risk of a leak and subsequent danger to those who inhale the colorless, odorless poison of carbon monoxide.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer in a Case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel room begin with the fact that the fumes can go largely undetected until it has already caused serious harm to your health. Because it is completely invisible to us (both odorless and colorless), it is impossible to see or smell in the air. Additionally, some symptoms may not appear until weeks or months after the exposure. It is this that hinders prevention, and the aftermath often calls for legal help in order to seek compensation for damages.

So why should you hire a lawyer to fight for your right to compensation and recovery after a carbon monoxide poisoning? The most obvious answer to this is experience. Especially if you have never dealt with the legal ramifications of a personal injury case involving carbon monoxide poisoning, a lawyer who understands the law can help you navigate the confusing weeks, months, and years following the incident.

A few of other important reasons why legal representation can be make all the difference include:

  • Preparation for the legal proceedings:
    • As well as possessing experience in handling situations like this before, an attorney can ensure that you are prepared with the details of your case. Every case requires extensive logistical work in order to build a successful settlement.
  • Dealing with insurance companies and other third-parties:
    • It is an insurance company’s job to save themselves money, not protect their clients. When dealing with third-parties involved in the case, it is recommended to always enlist the services of a legal professional to act as mediator.
  • Determining liability:
    • There are already precedents for carbon monoxide poisoning cases in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the hotel owner was ruled accountable for basic diligence related to the safety of their tenants. But they are generally considered responsible for the prevention of a potential leak, rather than for negligence of an actual leak of which they are unaware. These disputes are better served in the hands of a legal professional.
  • Familiarity with the law:
    • Dealing with a carbon monoxide poisoning can be confusing, especially in a state like New Mexico, where there is little legislation regarding its effects on those staying in a hotel or motel. An experienced attorney that knows the law can help fight for you.
Our Santa Fe Accident Attorneys are Here for You

In the event that you or a loved one has suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel or motel, the law firm of Carabin Shaw believes that every victim is entitled to full compensation for their damages. When you pay for a hotel room, there is a basic understanding between owner and tenant of implied and inherent health standards. Unfortunately, these parameters are not well defined by New Mexico law.

This is one of the greatest reasons why you should always hire a lawyer to help you cope in the aftermath of an instance of carbon monoxide poisoning. A capable and experienced carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer in Santa Fe might prove to be your best chance to seek reparations from those who are responsible for your injuries.

Call one of our lawyers anytime, toll-free at 800-862-1260. We have attorneys standing by to answer all your questions, day or night. Our Santa Fe injury lawyers offer every potential client a free initial consultation in person, to help make you aware of your best options moving forward.

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