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Your Options After a Trucking Accident Without Insurance

Were you involved in a Las Cruces trucking accident without insurance? In Las Cruces, you are only mandated to have liability insurance on your vehicle, which allows you to pay for damages you caused in an at-fault accident. Optional collision insurance covers damage done to your vehicle by another in a crash in which you were not at fault. Without collision insurance, damage done to your care in an accident is not automatically covered. Fortunately, there are other ways to get compensation if a semi truck accident damaged your vehicle. One of Carabin Shaw’s Las Cruces truck accident lawyers can help you determine your next steps. Here are some of your options after a trucking accident without insurance.

An Accident Without Insurance

Most Las Cruces drivers will tell you that they have felt unsafe driving next to one of the many commercial vehicles on our highways and for a good reason. A negligent or impaired driver at the wheel of a semi truck can cause a grievous amount of damage to your vehicle and your health. You could be left without a functioning car, responsible for repairs beyond what is covered by insurance, and suffering from injuries that may result in an inability to work and lost wages. Without insurance, a Las Cruces trucking industry accident can be even more devastating, leaving you entirely responsible for these expenses. With Carabin Shaw, you can find a truck accident lawyer in Las Cruces who will help you begin the process of recovering from your accident.

Filing a Trucking Accident Lawsuit

If you are uninsured and were involved in a Las Cruces trucking accident, your primary option is filing a lawsuit, with which one of our attorneys can help. If the driver of the semi truck that caused the accident was negligent, impaired, or otherwise at fault, you may have a case and be entitled to compensation. Ideally, the commercial driver will be covered by liability insurance, which will cover the cost of damages to your car. However, that coverage may not be sufficient, and will likely not address the cost of medical issues suffered during the accident. Additionally, the commercial driver may, for some reason, be determined by their insurance company to not be at fault for the crash, which would leave you responsible for covering your damages.

In either of these cases, a lawsuit may be your best option to pursue the compensation that you deserve. A lawyer can help you determine if the driver or the company that they work for should be considered liable, and which route would give you a better chance in a court of receiving compensation. If you have been involved in such an accident and are interested in filing a semi truck accident lawsuit, contact Carabin Shaw for a free consultation today.

How Can I Find Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Near Me?

A Las Cruces trucking accident can significantly affect your life, possibly leaving you without the use of a car or with debilitating medical issues such as whiplash, both of which could lead to stress and missed wages. If you do not have collision insurance to help you deal with these issues, that stress can be compounded even further. You may be worried about finding a lawyer that will take on your case if you are uninsured. However, one of Carabin Shaw’s attorneys specializing in trucking industry accidents can help you determine your next steps.

For a free consultation with one of our Las Cruces truck accident lawyers, contact us today at 915-779-2301 or toll-free at 1-800-862-1260. Let us help you figure out your next steps.

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