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10 Common Injuries After an Auto Accident | Laredo Attorneys

Car accidents can be devastating not only because of the toll taken on both your vehicle and personal health. If you live near Laredo, Texas and have suffered from one or more of these 10 common injuries after an auto accident, contact Carabin Shaw for a free consultation with a Laredo car accident lawyer.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash, a catch-all term for injuries sustained to the neck as a result of sudden start-stop motion, is one of the most common medical complications of car accidents. It can lead to chronic pain and might require physical therapy. If you have suffered from it, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as you can. Carabin Shaw employs several Laredo personal injury attorneys with years of combined experience in whiplash cases.

2. Broken Bones

Broken bones are one of the most debilitating possible results of a car accident. They should, of course, be treated immediately, and a fracture sustained in a crash likely entitles you to some compensation. Talk to one of our Laredo auto injury lawyers to determine how much.

3. Concussion

Concussions can have devastating effects on a person's long-term physical and cognitive abilities. A concussion often requires medical visits and physical therapy. If you have suffered from one, schedule an appointment with a Laredo car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

4. Burns

It is possible to suffer from burns in an accident, and both mild and severe ones will require medical attention. Talk to a lawyer about whether your burns present a viable case for a lawsuit.

5. Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is one of the more insidious complications that can result from an accident, as symptoms will not show immediately. Always get checked by a doctor after an accident, even if you have no readily apparent injuries. If you find that you have internal bleeding as a result of a car crash, contact one of our Laredo auto accident lawyers to discuss possible legal compensation.

6. Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes incurred in an accident can lead to infection and scarring. Disinfect and bandage these injuries as soon as possible, and seek medical attention immediately if they seem deep. Our Laredo auto injury lawyers can help you determine whether you can cover your medical costs through a lawsuit.

7. Muscle Injury

Muscle injury ranges from pulled muscles to torn ligaments and can result in mobility issues and chronic pain. The worst muscle injuries might require physical therapy and even surgery. Check with a doctor to determine the type of treatment you need, and then talk to an attorney about possible compensation.

8. Eye Injuries

Flying metal and glass can injure your eyes in a car accident. Eye injuries will require immediate medical attention and possibly an extended schedule of treatment. Talk to one of our Laredo personal injury attorneys about the potential of an eye injury lawsuit.

9. Loss of Limb

A car accident could result in a severed a limb or an injury that requires doctors to amputate a limb. Either of these complications would entitle you to substantial compensation, and it’s in your best interest to contact a car wreck attorney in Laredo, Texas.

10. Distress

Distress resulting from an accident can be as severe as physical injury. Being afraid to drive impedes your ability to work and to travel. Talk to an attorney about whether an aversion to driving stemming from a car accident is viable for you to sue for lost wages.

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If you have been affected by any of these 10 common injuries after an auto accident, do not hesitate to contact Carabin Shaw’s Laredo office at 956-333-3333 or reach us toll-free at 1-800-862-1260. The longer you wait, the less compelling your evidence becomes, so schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Laredo personal injury attorneys today.

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