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10 Most Common Personal Injury Claims in San Antonio

Taking precautions to prevent mistakes and injuries is a top priority for most people; however, injuries are an unfortunate part of life bound to happen at some time or another as life runs its course. As San Antonio is an extremely populated city, hundreds of personal injury claims are made on a daily basis. Consulting a San Antonio personal injury lawyer to handle your claim can be the key to alleviating the extra stress that accompany personal injury claims, which can stem from a wide range of situations. The 10 most common personal injury claims in San Antonio are listed below.

  1. Traffic accidents: Traffic accidents are unfortunate situations that happen every day. Depending on the severity of such an accident, some or all people involved may be injured due to another driver’s negligence. In situations such as this, contacting a lawyer to help prove negligence can be key in winning your personal injury claim and having your damages covered.
  2. Work-related injuries: Work-related injuries can happen to anyone in any industry. Oftentimes, most claims come from labor-intensive jobs, such as those involving machinery, or other high-risk work environments. San Antonio’s workforce includes a large manufacturing sector in which work-related injuries are not uncommon. Although companies are required to have worker’s compensation insurance, a lawyer can be crucial in making sure your medical care is paid for as you begin your road to recovery. Be sure to contact a lawyer should you find yourself injured on a jobsite.
  3. Slip-and-fall accidents: Slip-and-fall accidents are tricky to navigate because of the fact that the blame is not always clear in these particular cases. If poor maintenance or unsafe conditions of the location of the accident played a significant role in the accident, a lawyer is key in building a personal injury case that puts the San Antonio property owner at fault.
  4. Defective products: Defective products are included on the 10 most common personal injury claims in San Antonio list due to the surprising number of cases that arise annually. With the increase of a wide variety of products available to consumers, it becomes inevitable that a consumer will purchase a product that is defective, resulting in an unexpected injury. A San Antonio personal injury lawyer can help put the product manufacturer and distributor at fault.
  5. Dog bites- San Antonio is actively working to implement rules regarding stray dogs, however, in a city so large, stray or unattended dogs are often the cause of personal injury. Hiring a lawyer in cases such as these is important, as a dog’s owner may be involved by stating that the dog reacted to being provoked, etc.
  6. Medical Malpractice: These claims are often made against hospitals, doctors or other patient care centers facilitating their services. These claims are measured by the amount of harm or injury done to the patient as they were in someone else’s care.
  7. Assault claims: Assault claims often result in a large number of personal injury claims annually. These claims also involve emotional distress. In situations like these, employing an experienced and professional lawyer to represent you is of the utmost importance..
  8. School and daycare injuries: Injuries taking place at a daycare or school often warrant help of a lawyer, as public schools and daycares are governed by special liability laws that require a more rigorous claim process.
  9. Gunshot injuries: According to the National Center for Injury Protection and Control, more than 70,000 people are treated annually for non-fatal gunshot wounds. These injuries are often associated with improperly trained gun users, a child handling a gun due to lack of parental supervision, or many other situations.
  10. Recreational accidents: An example of a recreational accident could be a boating or jet-skiing accident. San Antonio has several lakes in and around its vicinity whre accidents like these are all too common and have the potential to cause personal injury.

After learning of the 10 most common personal injury claims in San Antonio, it’s clear to see how easy it is for these accidents to take place. If you or a loved one is involved in a San Antonio Personal Injury Accident, contact Carabin Shaw at 210-222-2288 or toll free at 1.800.682.1260 to speak with a lawyer that will represent you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

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