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In San Antonio, where you can have the urban lifestyle with a short commute to the country, we are fraught by a variety of dangers. With so much possibility for disaster, it is critical to have a San Antonio personal injury lawyer on speed-dial. Look no further than Carabin Shaw, a law firm with more than twenty years of experience handling personal injury cases.

“Personal injury” might seem like a broad legal category, so pinning down a concise definition is a little tricky. First, we need to understand that personal injury pertains not only to bodily damage but also to mental and emotional trauma. With that as our starting point, we can say that personal injury is any kind of physical or psychological harm inflicted, whether intentionally or accidentally, on an individual by another party.

Sounds vague, right? That is why a Carabin Shaw personal injury lawyer in San Antonio is essential if you have been hurt. We will help determine if you have a personal injury case on your hands, and we will assist in getting you the compensation you deserve.

Perhaps the most common type of personal injury case involves auto accidents. As you would expect, the individual(s) responsible for the accident owes money to any injured party. This kind of personal injury case is not limited to car collisions, though. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists may be entitled to legal compensation if they have been hurt on the road.

We have all bought defective products at some point, and sometimes they are the source of personal injury cases. Virtually any product can be harmful: A lawn mower, a trampoline, an oven, trash bags, medication, et cetera. Consumers trust manufacturers when they guarantee the safety of their products, but sometimes this trust is undeserved. Manufactures implement bad designs and shoddily assemble their products all the time.

Many things can go wrong between the manufacturer and your doorstep, so identifying why the product is defective can be rather arduous. This means that personal injury cases involving defective products require extensive research. At Carabin Shaw, a San Antonio personal injury accident lawyer will put in the research necessary to verify what makes the product defective and harmful.

Location might also be the subject of a personal injury case. If you slip on a puddle of milk at home, you or a household member is culpable. But if you do the same while at a diner, the blame falls squarely on the heads of the managers. It is their responsibility to make the establishment safe. By failing to do so, the mangers put themselves and the proprietor(s) in legal and financial jeopardy. Of course, they have their own lawyers; so knowing a good personal injury lawyer serving San Antonio, a Carabin Shaw lawyer, is indispensable.

Earlier we mentioned that personal injury includes mental and emotional trauma, such as the turmoil someone suffers when he or she have been harassed or when a reputation has been tarnished. These cases are more complicated than ones involving physical injuries. Physical injuries are often visible, so attorneys have easy evidence to support their argument.

But mental and emotional injuries are invisible, and they sometimes manifest in our behavior subtly rather than overtly. This kind of personal injury case takes a seasoned attorney, one with a sharp eye for indistinct evidence. At Carabin Shaw, our personal injury attorneys advising are hawk-eyed and ready to help you.

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