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10 Tips on Preventing Nursing Home Negligence

When you place a loved one in a nursing home, you trust they will receive the utmost care and attention from qualified employees. Unfortunately, the numbers reflecting nursing home negligence are staggering. The elderly are the least likely demographic to report abuse, yet more than 2 million cases of elder abuse happen every year. Nursing home negligence can happen anywhere, including to loved ones in assisted living care in Uvalde.

You can do your part to ensure nursing home negligence isn’t happening to your loved ones by paying close attention to ten tips on preventing nursing home negligence. Consult an experienced Uvalde nursing home abuse attorney from Carabin Shaw today if you believe your loved one is subject to nursing home negligence or abuse.

10 Tips on Preventing Nursing Home Negligence

Although you may not be able to personally supervise your loved one twenty-four hours a day, taking the appropriate measures to make sure they are receiving proper care and attention can help you prevent or recognize any sign of nursing home negligence before it does further harm.

  1. Visit often:
    Visiting your loved one in their Uvalde nursing home frequently and unexpectedly can help prevent nursing home negligence. Popping in unannounced will give you a more accurate idea of how the nursing home staff is treating your loved one as well as the natural state in their environment, and frequent visits will help you to notice any change in the mood, behavior, or condition of your family member.
  2. Take notes:
    Taking notes on each of your visits can prove beneficial in the long run. Notes can include a list of medications administered, changes in mood or behavior, any injuries or bedsores you notice, or even notes on the state of the room they are currently staying in. These notes will assist your attorney down the road if you decide to pursue a nursing home negligence case.
  3. Communicate with staff:
    Keep in constant communication with the nursing home staff in Uvalde. Pay close attention to how attentive they are to your requests and how quickly they are able to answer questions about the care of your loved one. Communicating with the staff constantly will also keep them on their toes.
  4. Check for licenses:
    Although every nursing home should have an up-to-date license, there are cases in which nursing homes are operating without one. Look for proof that the facility is licensed to be open or ask for a copy if you are unable to find it on your own.
  5. Remain proactive:
    Whether it’s ensuring your loved one’s needs are taken care of, conducting extensive research on their care facility, or even consulting an attorney the minute you become suspicious, remaining proactive can help you catch the first sign of nursing home negligence, as well as prepare you to act immediately in the event that you do.
  6. Keep the elderly active:
    Be sure to monitor the activities of your loved ones in a nursing home. Encourage them to participate in community events or go to frequent exercise sessions if they are capable. Keeping active can decrease their chance of becoming vulnerable to negligence or abuse.
  7. Communicate constantly:
    Whether through personal visits or phone calls, be sure to ask your loved ones frequent questions regarding the care and treatment they are receiving. Pay close attention to anything they say that doesn’t feel or sound right and document these comments. An attorney can help you sort through these things in order to build a case.
  8. Observe living conditions:
    When visiting, take note of the environment your loved one is living in. Pay attention to how frequently rooms are cleaned, how equipment is handled, and how often food and water is delivered to the room.
  9. Research:
    Take the time to research signs of nursing home negligence or abuse. Signs are not always physical, so remaining informed and cognizant of signs of negligence can help you step in before it becomes routine.
  10. Consult an attorney:
    Having a trusted attorney in mind is always advised when a loved one is living in a nursing home. Researching attorneys who are experienced with nursing home negligence can save you time if you suspect negligence and need to act quickly.

While these ten tips on preventing nursing home negligence can help you remain cognizant, they do not ensure that your loved one will never be a victim in Uvalde. If you suspect your loved one is a victim of Uvalde nursing home negligence, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to assist your case. The seasoned team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw will fight hard for the compensation and justice you and your family are entitled to. Contact them at 1-800-862-1920 for a free consultation.

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