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5 Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents | South Florida Injury Law Firm

As the weather heats up and the kids finish the school year, many families are making their way back into the pool. In South Florida, plenty of families even have a pool in their own backyard. Swimming pools may be a great place for backyard parties, barbeques, and birthdays, but they are also one of the most common locations of accidental deaths in the US. According to the CDC, there were 3,536 deaths by drowning from 2005-20014 in the United States, averaging to about 10 deaths per day. Tragically, many of these accidental deaths could be prevented by simple precautionary measures. A day at the pool can be the perfect summer outing, but if a swimming pool accident does occur, it might be appropriate to contact an attorney.

If you are in need of a South Florida injury lawyer, we at Carabin Shaw have an accomplished team of accident attorneys with years of experience ready to help with your South Florida swimming pool accident claim. We are a South Florida injury law firm who will help you to seek fair compensation.

Common Causes of Accidents

So what are 5 common causes of swimming pool accidents, and how can they be prevented?

  • Lack of Adult Supervision. In the case of children, the most common cause of swimming pool accidents is a lack of adult supervision, whether they are supervised by parents or a certified lifeguard. One fifth of the drowning deaths per day are children under fourteen years of age. All young children should be supervised around swimming pools, but especially those who do not know or who are learning how to swim. Remember that not all pools have lifeguards, especially at public pools or hotel pools, and that it can take less than five minutes for a child to drown.
  • Slippery or Uneven Decks. Improperly maintained or installed decks can lead to dangerous falls inside or outside of the pools. It is best to make sure that your decks are made of proper materials and installed correctly. Exercise caution and wear footwear when possible.
  • Intoxication. Even minor intoxication can diminish your reflexes, while severe levels of intoxication can lead to loss of consciousness. Both of these states are especially dangerous while swimming, and can lead to slipping under the water and potential drowning. It is always best to drink in moderation while in proximity to swimming pools.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury. An example of a common but fatal injury in a swimming pool accident is the traumatic brain injury. You can cause trauma to your brain by slipping on the deck (see above), diving into an improperly drained pool, or even by drowning. Remember: just because a traumatic brain injury is not fatal, it can lead to long-term disability.
  • Lack of Anti-Entrapment Devices. In many cases, pools are required by law to have filtration devices that prevent hair, limbs, and swimsuits from getting pulled into the drainage system. The force from a pull drain can be extreme, and in the worst cases can lead to disembowelment or drowning. If a swimming pool fails to have the required anti-entrapment devices, the owner could be held liable for damages.
Can a Lawyer Help Me with My Claim?

After reading through the 5 common causes of swimming pool accidents, contact a lawyer to help determine if you are eligible for compensation for medical debt, loss of wages due to injury, or to recover for pain and suffering due to a swimming pool accident.

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