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5 Common Types of Car Wrecks in San Antonio, and how to Avoid Them

Car accidents occur every day on San Antonio roads, and their causes range from distracted or impatient drivers, inclement weather conditions, and even everyday negligence. There are five common types’ car wrecks in San Antonio, and how to avoid them can make significance difference in your life and that of your loved ones. If you have been involved in any of the following accidents at the fault of another, reach out to an attorney with Carabin Shaw.

1. T-Bone Accidents

San Antonio car wreck accidents that happen in intersections are the frequent result of one driver running a red light or attempting to beat a yellow light. A T-bone or cross-traffic accident can usually be avoided by ensuring that you look for traffic coming from both sides as you prepare to enter an intersection. Even if you have the right-of-way, be prepared to yield to these drivers as they may not even see you entering the intersection.

Sadly, there are those individuals who will see you waiting at the changing light and still try to beat both. San Antonio car wreck injury attorneys with Carabin Shaw can attest to the fact that many clients wished they had yielded to rash and irresponsible drivers rather than assume they would stop. The resulting pain and suffering was not worth the risk, even if they did receive a sizeable compensation from their personal injury claim.

2. Rear End Collisions

Carabin Shaw attorneys have represented many who’ve suffered a rear end collision while stuck in San Antonio’s notorious rush-hour traffic. Of the five common types’ car wrecks in San Antonio and how to avoid them, these might be the hardest to prevent.

Rear end collisions also occur when one driver is following too close to another driver’s vehicle, which makes it almost impossible to stop should the driver in front slam on their brakes. Avoid rear-ending another driver by maintaining a two to three car-length distance behind the car in front of you. You can avoid being rear-ended yourself by paying close attention to erratic and impatient drivers in the rearview mirror. Allow them space so that they can move ahead in traffic. Being able to see them ahead of you allows yourself more control and the ability to stop to avoid an accident.

3. Reduced or low Speed Accidents

Accidents involving reduced or low speed most often involve drivers who are navigating parking lots, reversing their vehicles, or hitting their brakes suddenly to reduce speed on a speed bump. These types of accidents rarely result in physical harm to drivers, though they can result in serious injury to a pedestrian and necessitate the services of an attorney.

Low speed accident are often occurrences at the grocery store parking lot. A driver may be unable to see a shopper crossing behind the vehicle while they are backing up. You can avoid these accidents by ensuring you check and double-check blind spots through side and rear-view mirrors. Pedestrians are not the only danger; other drivers may be turning in as you back out. Maintaining reduced speed can help avoid a costly accident in the busy parking lots of San Antonio.

4. Merging and Clipping Another Vehicle

Number four of the list of five common types of car wrecks in San Antonio and how to avoid them is clipping another car while merging into traffic. As mentioned previously, San Antonio roads are notorious for rush hour traffic. Drivers in a rush to get home can become careless, failing to check the blind spots and changing lanes without paying attention. Protect yourself by checking all the blind spots in your car, being prepared to yield to another vehicle, and maintaining awareness of road conditions.

5. Single Car Accidents

Frequently, it is the inexperienced or young driver who ends up in this type of accident. Examples of single car accidents include distracted driving, braking too fast, and overcompensating when sensing a loss of control of the vehicle. The best advice to avoid this type of accident it to drive at recommended speed limits and slow down when weather or visibility is poor.

There are many types of auto accidents that occur on San Antonio roads every day. However, when your auto accident is caused by the negligence of another driver, you have the right to enlist an attorney and file a claim for compensation. If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered personal injury or property damage, speak with an attorney from Carabin Shaw.

The free initial consultation costs you nothing, but you could have much to gain. To speak to an auto accident attorney serving San Antonio, call the law offices of Carabin Shaw today at 210-222-2288.

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