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5 Most Common Truck Accident Causes in San Antonio

San Antonio is no stranger to 18 wheeler accidents, much to the misfortune of everyday drivers. Many of these drivers have become accustomed to the 18 wheeler trucks that drive alongside them constantly. But it is now more important than ever to stay vigilant and aware of what 18 wheelers are doing on local roadways. One way you can stay informed is to know the 5 most common truck accident causes in San Antonio. Knowing what caused an accident is the first step to keeping an accident from happening again. If you or a loved one has been involved in an 18 wheeler crash, the lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help you determine the cause of the crash and get you full compensation.

Distracted Driving

One of the most common causes for 18 wheeler accidents in San Antonio is distracted driving. Many 18 wheeler truck drivers have been driving trucks most of their life. Some of these more seasoned drivers have become more relaxed with following the rules of the road and have been the cause of several accidents. Now with smartphone technology it is even easier for these drivers to be tempted to look away from the road which can lead to a crash. It’s possible that if you were involved in an 18 wheeler accident, this might have been the cause. Our attorneys will make sure to fight for your compensation and make sure drivers are held accountable.

Driver Fatigue

Of the 5 most common truck accident causes in San Antonio, one of the most hazardous is driver fatigue. Driver fatigue occurs when a truck driver is on duty for too many hours at a time with little to no rest or break. There is a specific law that regulates when drivers should be taking breaks and getting sleep on long drives. However, many of these drivers are under pressure from their companies to get to their destination as fast as possible. This push on the well-being of drivers, unfortunately can cause many accidents in San Antonio. If an 18 wheeler driver is fatigued their reaction times become slower and they may fall asleep while driving leading to some devastating crashes. If this has been the case with an accident you were involved in a San Antonio 18 wheeler collision lawyer can make sure you and your family are rightfully compensated and taken care of.

Mechanical Issues

One of the more obvious causes for 18 wheeler accidents in San Antonio is any mechanical issue or underserviced truck. There is a chance that the 18 wheeler itself has malfunctioned in some way because of faulty manufacturing. It is also possible that the truck was not serviced correctly when it went in for maintenance or it might not have been maintained at all. Large companies can often overlook small things like this when their main priority is to get the truck to the destination as quickly as possible. They may often “forget” to do required maintenance on trucks due to the cost or time it might take. The negligence of large truck companies should not go unpunished especially if it led to an accident you were involved in. Carabin Shaw has specialized attorneys to fight for your rights and monetary compensation.

Overweight Trucks

An often overlooked cause of truck accidents is the fact that the truck has either been overloaded or loaded incorrectly. With the rush to get to a destination on time drivers or loaders may not be as careful as they should be when loading cargo onto the truck. It can actually make a very big difference for the truck driver if the cargo is not balanced well. This can lead to overturning and loss of control causing major accidents on the highways of San Antonio. Our lawyers want to make sure that loading regulations are not being overlooked and hold the people responsible for you accident accountable. If you or a loved one has encountered a crash due to an overloaded or improperly loaded 18 wheeler, the attorneys at Carabin Shaw can help you today.


Usually when you’re driving on a San Antonio highway, you try not to get stuck behind a slow moving 18 wheeler. However, one of the 5 most common truck accident causes in San Antonio is actually speeding. Because of large companies pushing their drivers to get to their destination quicker with little to no breaks, some drivers have tried to trade out not getting a brake with simply driving faster. This disregard for traffic laws and federal regulations have made local roadways even more dangerous. If you’ve been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, a San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer can start on your case and get you the financial compensation you’re owed. Call our attorneys for a free consultation today.

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