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5 Most Common Types of Auto Accidents in Laredo

The streets and highways of Laredo make it possible for locals and visitors to experience the city’s vibrant culture, but the roads here are as dangerous as they are anywhere else in Texas. If you were recently involved in a serious Laredo car wreck, you may be wondering what the next steps are for you and your loved ones. The experienced Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw are here to help.

Common Car Wrecks in Laredo, Texas 1. Rear-End Collision

One common type of auto accident is when one vehicle hits the back of another vehicle, also known as a rear-end collision. This kind of accident can happen anywhere, but is especially common while driving on crowded highways. An easy way to avoid a rear ending incident is to not follow the vehicle in front of you closely, therefore giving you time to properly brake and avoid a potential collision.

2. Single-Vehicle Crashes

Single vehicle crashes are also very common. This kind of collision may include things such as running your vehicle off the road and / or slipping on potential hazards such as ice, rain water, or something another driver has mistakenly dropped.

Overcorrecting for a smaller mistake or slamming on your brakes too hard are also common causes for single vehicle collisions. Keeping your eyes on the road and remaining attentive at all times could alleviate your risk in being involved in this kind of collision.

3. Cross-Traffic Accidents

These accidents are usually caused by drivers running a red light, driving through a stop sign without stopping, or not yielding to the traffic at a stoplight while taking a left turn. The best way to prevent this type of wreck is to always follow traffic laws and traffic signs.

If you have unfortunately experienced this type of accident, though, it may cause you to seek out a car wreck attorney in Laredo. At Carabin Shaw, we would love to hear from you if you were involved in this or any type of accident and have a legal case as a result.

4. Mistakes Made When Merging Lanes

Mistakes made when merging is yet another common cause for traffic incidents. These types of accidents, often resulting in side swiping, can be caused by blind spots or just plain negligence. To avoid this, check your mirrors and be aware when possible merging events may occur.

If you were involved in this type of collision, the Laredo personal injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are here to help you recover what you have lost.

5. Low-Speed Accidents

The final type of accident that is common in Laredo is low-speed accidents. These are what are commonly known as fender benders, collisions in parking lots, and other crashes that happen at a low speed. This type of accident can also possibly involve pedestrians.

Despite being at a low speed, these collisions can still result in severe and traumatic physical and emotional injuries to everyone involved. The only way to avoid this kind of collision is to always reverse slowly and to pay full attention to any possible pedestrians you may come across.

The Trusted Car Accident Lawyers at Carabin Shaw | Free Case Review

All of the above types of vehicular collisions may have you seeking a Laredo auto accident lawyer. If you are involved in a collision of this or any type, Carabin Shaw’s client reviews showcase just how much we care about our clients who are involved in any type of collision in and around Laredo.

The lawyers and attorneys at Carabin Shaw are the finest that Laredo has to offer. We offer a free case review / initial consultation through our 24 / 7 hotline. This hotline (800-862-1260) is completely toll free and offers a variety of both English and Spanish speaking services. Someone is always available to speak with you. We are happy to hear from you. Call today!

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