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6 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect for San Antonio

In this article, we’ll be going over our list of 6 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect for San Antonio residents who may have people they know or are responsible for in the care of a nursing home in San Antonio.

Did You Know?
  • Eleven percent of San Antonio’s population is over the age of 65.
  • Studies show that nearly 10% of persons over the age of 60 have experienced abuse.
  • Reports claim that only 1 out of every 14 occurrences are reported .
Why it Matters

Entrusting the care of a loved one to the responsibility of a caregiver or nursing facility is often a difficult task. Questions concerning safety and well-being are compounded with stories of abuse and neglect; suspicions that someone you love has fallen victim to San Antonio Nursing Home Negligence are easy to overlook or disregard as paranoia, but not taking the time understand and investigate can make a difference. Knowing what signs to look for will help you know when it’s time to start to start talking to an attorney – and save your loved one from future pain and suffering.

Be Informed

The first step you can take is learning what signs to look for before you suspect that abuse or neglect has happened. Some signs can take months to manifest. Noticing that something is not right early can save your loved one days, weeks, months, and even years of undeserved and unneeded pain and trauma. It’s also important to be aware of the various types of abuse that exist and the steps you can take to remedy a harmful situation, including hiring a San Antonio nursing home neglect attorney.

Whether you already have an elderly family member / dependant placed in care or are in the process of choosing a facility, having this information is the key to setting your mind at ease and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

6 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect for San Antonio.
  1. Changes in physical health: While some deterioration of health for the elderly is unavoidable, sudden changes in physical health, such as loss of mobility, can be signs of inadequate exercise and stimulation. Be sure your loved ones are cared for by a staff that encourages exercise and is committed to keeping them as active as possible.
  2. Bedsores / pressure ulcers : Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, can result from the prolonged pressure of laying in over a long period of time. These wounds can be a good indicator that a resident is not getting proper hygienic care or assistance in mobility. People in care should receive routine and thorough change in bedding, with proper attention to cleanliness and padding in pressure points and areas where the body may receive prolonged concentrated contact.
  3. Constant confusion, drowsiness, and disorientation: Overmedication can often lead to constant confusion, drowsiness, and disorientation. It is not uncommon for caretakers to overmedicate due to negligence or abuse. Take the time to learn about the medications and dosages prescribed to your loved ones in nursing home care. Overmedication is serious and should be addressed as soon as it is recognized. The attorneys at our San Antonio offices can help you take necessary steps to stop overmedication immediately.
  4. Injuries with poor explanation: Injuries happen much more easily as we begin to age; loss of strength and coordination make slips and falls far more common, while increased frailty leads to a much higher risk of those accidents becoming serious. While this may result due to no one person’s fault, there is still room to investigate for abuse. If notice fractures or bruises that you feel are out of the norm or occurring far too often, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You should expect reasonable explanations; if you feel that the explanations are not sufficient, it may be time for you to hire an attorney and begin documenting evidence to build a case.
  5. Suspicious financial activity: Reports have found high numbers of financial exploitation among the elderly. Nursing homes and other care facilities put the elderly at high risk due to the access that caregivers have to residents’ belongings and information. Credit cards and sensitive information can be easily taken, allowing desperate or ill-willed caregivers the opportunity to wreak financial havoc for unsuspecting victims.
  6. Uneasiness with particular staff: If the presence of a particular caregiver makes your loved one uncomfortable, this could be a sign of emotional, psychological, or some form of physical abuse, including sexual abuse or violence. Ask questions if your loved one expresses uneasiness about care from a particular staff member or seems to shut down or avoid speaking while they are present. Reassure them that their well-being is paramount to you and that you are willing to take the steps necessary, including hiring an attorney to ensure their safety.

If you’ve found our 6 Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect for San Antonio helpful, please visit our other articles concerning San Antonio Nursing Home Negligence. If you believe you have already observed these signs with someone you care about or are responsible for, please do not hesitate to contact our San Antonio offices right away and let one of our experienced lawyers assist you in protecting your loved one.

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