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7 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect for Laredo

With Laredo having roughly twenty thousand residents over the age of 65, proper care for the elderly is among the rising concerns for many who have loved ones living in care facilities. According to the National Council on Aging, nearly one out of every ten persons over the age of 60 have experienced some form of abuse, with some studies claiming that for every 14 instances of abuse, only 1 is reported. Abuse types range from sexual and physical violence to mental and emotional abuse, such as verbal threats. While neglect is different in nature, it is very much just as serious, leading to various types of harm or even death.

If you are a resident of Laredo and suspect inadequate treatment of a loved one by a nursing home, do not hesitate to contact the Laredo nursing home attorneys at Carabin Shaw right away. Our lawyers can assist in having residents promptly removed if necessary, as well as in seeking compensation for damages and medical expenses. If you’re not sure of what to look for to prevent Laredo nursing home negligence, the team at Carabin Shaw has put together this list of 7 signs of nursing home abuse and neglect for Laredo residents. We hope it proves helpful for the many who have entrusted someone to the care of one of the city’s many nursing home or assisted living facilities.

7 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect for Laredo

Signs of Neglect

  1. Sudden weight loss or gain: If you notice unexpected weight loss or gain, look into the nutrition your loved one is receiving. Dehydration and unhealthy eating can lead to weight gain, while malnourishment can lead to weight loss, and both can be a sign of depression resulting from abuse or neglect. Recent reports have cited as many as over 30% of nursing home residents being malnourished and nearly 30% suffering from depression.
  2. Odor / diaper rash: Foul odor and diaper rash can be a sign of poor hygienic care. Facilities dedicated to elderly care should be kept clean and sanitary, while staff should be attentive of residents’ hygienic needs, encouraging proper care and assisting when needed.
  3. Bedsores / open wounds: Bed sores or pressure ulcers are generally preventable by cleanliness, using pillows at points of contact, and changing position often. If your loved one has developed bed sores or has open wounds, it could be a sign that their nursing staff if not being attentive or maintaining a sanitary environment.

Signs of Abuse

  1. Uncomfortable around staff:
  2. If the presence of a particular caregiver makes your loved one uncomfortable, this could be a sign of emotional, psychological, or physical abuse. Ask questions if your loved one expresses uneasiness about care from particular staff members or avoids speaking while they are present. Assure that their well-being is important to you, and that you are willing to take the steps necessary including hiring an attorney, to ensure their safety.
  3. Change in emotional or psychological state:
  4. Change in emotional or psychological state, such as erratic fears, emotional outbursts, embarrassment, feelings of guilt, or agitation can all be signs of abuse. Don’t hesitate to investigate if your loved one has a sudden in change in behavior.
  5. Peculiar financial activities:
  6. Attendants who have trust, perceived authority, and access to personal information make nursing home residents particularly vulnerable to credit card and identity theft. Be on the lookout for suspicious activities related to your loved one’s finances. Credit card and identity theft is a crime. The attorneys at our Laredo office can assist you in pressing charges and filing suit against the at-fault party.
  7. Gut feeling or intuition:
  8. Often times we can be aware that something is not right without being able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. These gut feelings or intuitions are often indicators of something that we perceive intuitively but are not at the forefront of our consciousness, but can lead to the discovery of problems with serious consequences. If you feel something is wrong, don’t be afraid to investigate by exploring and asking questions.

We hope you’ve found our list of 7 signs of nursing home abuse and neglect for Laredo helpful in identifying what to keep in mind when entrusting your elderly to the care of others. If you’ve noticed any of these signs and are not sure what to do, contact our Laredo offices immediately and let one of our experienced attorney guide you through the steps of ensuring proper care for your loved one. Call Carabin Shaw today to schedule a free consultation at 800-862-1260.

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