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A Guide to Oil and Gas Litigation in San Antonio, Texas

The oil and gas industry in San Antonio and throughout Texas is huge. The state leads the country's production and profits, consistently breaks records, employs millions of workers, and generates thousands of jobs. Despite these seemingly positive things, the downside of the industry can be horrific.

It’s no secret that these companies are powerful, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be held accountable. These companies pay out millions of dollars in fines and lawsuits each year. Read on to learn more from this Texas energy industry legal guide about the legalities of going up against oil and gas companies. If you think you may have a case, call on the Texas lawyers for energy litigation at Carabin Shaw to learn more about your options.

Common Cases in Oil and Gas Litigation

Over the years, oil and gas companies have been sued for numerous things. Legal challenges in the San Antonio oil sector have commonly involved failure to pay out agreed-upon sums and royalties. Breach of contracts involving leases or payments are commonly the basis of claims in oil and gas litigation.

Oil and gas companies are legally bound to a set of standards by OSHA. When they violate these, they can be held liable for injury or illness that results from their negligence. Each year, many lawsuits are filed and millions are paid out in settlements and fines.

In 2023 in East Texas, oil and gas companies were sued by residents for spilling over 150 million gallons of toxic wastewater over the course of the last decade. Environmental cases, such as oil spills, damaged land, or creating an unpleasant or unlivable environment for surrounding residents, are very common in oil and gas litigation.

Building a Case for Oil and Gas Disputes

When building a claim against oil and gas companies, documentation can prove to be very important. Records of communication, written contracts, land records, lease agreements, and more are often involved. It is important that this documentation is well maintained and organized for court proceedings and as evidence in negotiations. This can all be quite confusing and overwhelming without the help of an attorney.

Negotiation and Reaching a Fair Settlement

Most often, agreements can be reached between both parties that negate the need for a court trial. With that being said, it is extremely important with San Antonio oil and gas litigation cases that you are aware of the value of your claim and don’t accept less than you deserve. These companies have the money necessary to amend their wrongdoing, and should not be let off the hook without paying what is fair.

San Antonio energy law experts are able to accurately assess what your claim is worth and will then fight to make sure that you are awarded that amount. Without the help of a trusted, expert lawyer, it can be extremely challenging to get the compensation you’re entitled to for damages.

Carabin Shaw Is Here to Help

Our team is here for you. We have the experience and the expertise that is crucial to successfully take on the powerful oil and gas companies in Texas, and get justice for their victims. You can see from Carabin Shaw reviews that through the decades we’ve been established, we have cemented our place as a tenacious group of leaders in Texas’ legal landscape. We want to help you get everything that you are entitled to, and we offer our services on a contingency fee basis to mitigate any risk to you.

Call us now, toll-free at 800-862-1260, to get started with a free initial consultation. We have English and Spanish-speaking representatives available to take your call 24/7.

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