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Am I Covered by My Insurance if I am Injured in an Uber or Lyft in Austin?

Many Austin residents rely on ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft to take the stress out of their commute and provide them with a safe, easy alternative to driving themselves. For the most part, these companies have had a positive impact on city travel. They allow drivers to set their own schedules, avoid exorbitant taxi medallion fees, and pocket more money. For users, too, the benefits are clear: Uber and Lyft offer a paperless experience in which riders have both increased control over and awareness of wait times, driver reviews, and available routes.

There may be a time, however, when riders have to ask, “Am I covered by my insurance if I am injured in an Uber or Lyft in Austin?” If you ever find yourself in this position, we encourage you to reach out to the Austin Uber liability lawyers at Carabin Shaw - we can help you navigate the complicated insurance claims system surrounding ridesharing accidents.

Were You Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident?

In the event of an Austin ridesharing accident,

  1. Make sure that all parties are safe and contact the paramedics if necessary.
  2. If possible, document the damage by taking photographs of the scene and obtain witnesses’ contact information. Make sure you know both drivers’ names and use your phone to screenshot your ride request and receipt.
  3. Be sure to report the incident to Uber or Lyft as well as your insurance company
  4. If you’ve sustained any injuries, keep record of all hospital visits.
  5. Contact an attorney at Carabin Shaw to help advocate for you.

If you live in Austin and have been hurt in an accident while in an Uber or Lyft, the at-fault driver’s / the ridesharing company’s insurance should theoretically cover any medical bills or damages you incur. These policies, however, largely depend on the circumstances and the insurance company will fight to disprove your case. Answering the question, “Am I covered by my insurance if I am injured in an Uber or Lyft in Austin?” may be more difficult than initially thought.

Insurance Specifics

Ridesharing companies consider drivers “independent contractors, not employees,” which helps limit the company’s liability. As a result, if an accident occurs on your trip and your Uber or Lyft driver is at fault, your lawyer would likely serve lawsuit copies on that driver and the insurance company but not the ridesharing company at large.

It is unlikely, though, that the driver will be able to pay all of your medical bills, so both Uber and Lyft offer a $1 million liability policy to cover these costs after the driver’s policy reaches its limit. Similarly, Uber and Lyft each have a $1 million underinsured motorist policy to cover costs if the other, non-ridesharing driver is at fault and cannot adequately compensate you for damages.

In either case, you have a better chance of receiving payment from the driver rather than directly from Uber or Lyft, though there are circumstances in which suing those companies would be appropriate. While this information is complicated, with the help of one of our competent lawyers at Carabin Shaw, you will not have to answer, “Am I covered by my insurance if injured in an Uber or Lyft in Austin?" alone.

Let Us Help You

When you see an Austin Uber and Lyft accident attorney at Carabin Shaw, you can expect our immediate dedication to your case. We will not charge you unless we win your claim, and your initial consultation is always free.

You do not need to ask “Am I covered by my insurance if injured in an Uber or Lyft in Austin?” again. Our team of lawyers at Carabin Shaw will help you figure out the best course of action for appropriate compensation.

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