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Austin 18 Wheeler Accident FAQs

Given their incredibly large size and weight, semi-trucks can cause significant damage. This is true even without trailers. Likewise, truck accidents are quite frequent – even with the special licensing process required of every semi-truck driver. Each year, there are over 500,000 such accidents. Of those, the death toll extends into the five-thousands, with injuries from semi-truck accidents significantly higher. A high percentage of those accidents occur in metropolitan areas with regular traffic congestion; large cities like San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Houston are prime examples of places with regular semi-truck accidents.

The causes for commercial trucking accidents vary greatly, from blind spot issues to tailgating to driving while tired. Regardless of the reason, Carabin Shaw has a cadre of experienced lawyers with the legal know-how to help you or your loved in navigating an Austin 18 wheeler accident. Prior to seeking an attorney though, there are a few common questions that our attorneys regularly encounter.

Austin 18-Wheeler Accident FAQs: Navigating Insurance Companies

In nearly every car or truck accident, insurers will likely need to be involved. As part of Carabin Shaw’s regular case consultations, dealing with insurance is one of the main concerns our Austin semi-truck accident lawyers hear. Regardless of how faultless you or your loved one may feel, it is vital that great care is taken in not providing statements to the likes of insurance adjusters. If you or your loved one feel that you are the victim, the perpetrator’s adjuster will unfortunately often direct their line-of-questioning towards making their client seem less at fault.

How should you or your loved one navigate insurance companies? A couple key practices are

  • Avoiding making statements without the help of a qualified attorney
  • And limiting interaction with any other involved parties’ insurers.

In doing so, you or your loved ones will be better off, and the integrity of your case will remain secure.

Building a Case

A common question our attorneys hear is, “do I really need to initiate an investigation?” Though it may seem like an accident may be fairly cut-and-dry, the reality is that the more evidence and testimony that can be collected and verified, the more likely it is that you or your loved ones will get the financial help needed to recover from the results of a semi-truck collision.

It is vital to start such an investigation as soon as possible. This is also why it is good practice to get legal help from a firm that regularly works with investigators locally in the Austin area who are on retainer, just as Carabin Shaw does.

Accidents Involving Multiple Parties

Another one of our Austin 18-wheeler accident frequently asked questions is, “what if I was involved in an accident with multiple drivers?” The specific details of the event will significantly alter the exact answer to this question – details that should be discussed with a qualified Austin-based lawyer. It will take more work from a lawyer with appropriate levels of expertise, but it is possible to still receive appropriate damages even when there are multiple parties involved.

Corporate Trucks and Company Fault

Though many semi-truck drivers are independent contractors, the majority of them are company employees. As a result of this, Carabin Shaw’s next part of our Austin 18-wheeler accident FAQ is, "is it possible to file a claim against the trucking company that employees the truck driver?"

To successfully seek damages from the trucking company, it must be established that the cause of the accident or the contributing actions of the driver can be tied to company practices. For example, if a driver’s tiredness contributed to an accident on I-35 in Austin and that driver’s employer was overworking the driver or failing to follow regulations on driving time limits, then seeking damages from the company would be appropriate. That said, such a claim would require serious investigation and significant legal know-how.

Next Steps for Victims of Semi-Truck Accidents

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident, the biggest concerns we hear is “do I really need an attorney?” As the few frequently asked questions have likely indicated, the answer is resoundingly, yes.

The law offices of Carabin Shaw have the knowledge and experienced staff to help you in dealing with the aftermath of a semi-truck accident and, and we have offices across Texas that boast over 20 years of experience. Call us today for a free consultation in Austin at 800-862-1260.

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