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Austin Commercial Truck Driver Fatigue

The United States economy, in many ways, can be said to be based around the interstate highway system. Every day, countless commercial goods are transported across the country's vast system of roadways by a massive fleet of commercial 18-wheelers. While the US highway system itself includes over 160,000 miles of pavement connecting even the smallest towns to each other, most of the commercial truck traffic is destined for the nation's larger urban areas such as Austin, Texas.

Major cities across the country (especially those in Texas) are designed with sprawling, open roadways so that their populations can remain connected, but this convenience also presents its own set of problems. Even with the best of intentions, intensive city planning can never fully predict how a city's population will change over time. Austin is a great example of this, where booming population and economic development has pushed the highway capacity to its limit and caused frequent, heavy traffic. This results in regular accidents and pile-ups.

Commercial Trucking and Safety Concerns

Learning and adopting safe defensive driving techniques should be a high priority for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, but it should be especially mandatory for those who drive professionally in the commercial trucking industry. Due to the massive size of commercial trucks and their potentially hazardous cargo, 18-wheeler accidents tend to be more devastating than accidents that only involve standard sized vehicles.

Additionally, design aspects of large commercial trucks can make it more difficult for drivers to observe their surroundings when they are out on the Austin highway system, which is part of what makes an Austin 18-wheeler accident one of the more common types of local collisions.

There are steps that can be taken to reduce these types of accidents and ensure that 18-wheelers are operated in a safe and conscientious manner. Some of these safety precautions include:

  • Carefully observing mirrors
  • Utilizing turn signals
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment
  • Taking breaks to avoid fatigue

While there are a multitude of ways for professional semi-truck drivers to prioritize safety, truckers sometimes disregard these precautions in hopes of making faster deliveries and enhancing their personal income. When irresponsible behavior and negligence result in an accident (as is often the case) commercial truck drivers may find themselves legally liable for injuries and damages resulting from their actions. Historically, Austin commercial truck driver fatigue has been one of the most common causes of 18-wheeler accidents to date.

Pursuing Justice for an 18-Wheeler Accident

In the event that a commercial driver fails to respect safety regulations, victims of the resulting accident may suffer heavy financial and physical damages for which they are owed legal compensation. However, legal precedent does not always directly translate into a real-world payout, which is why employing the right attorney becomes so crucial to ensuring that victims receive the money they need for recovery.

To prevent accidents resulting from Austin, commercial truck driver fatigue, truck drivers are legally required to keep travel logs demonstrating that they've taken proper breaks. These logs (among other pertinent evidence) can often be a crucial element for lawyers attempting to prove wrongdoing in accidents involving commercial trucks. With the right evidence, the right accident and injury lawyer can make a stronger case, and a stronger case often results in a larger payout for those hurt by a negligent driver.

If you've been involved in an accident caused by Austin commercial truck driver fatigue, you'll want to contact a qualified accident and injury attorney as soon as possible. At Carabin Shaw, our experienced team of accident and injury lawyers has a history of success when it comes to prosecuting commercial truck driver negligence, and we pride ourselves on our strong record of service when it comes to the local Austin community.

When you've been injured in an accident, you'll want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've got the best Austin truck injury lawyers backing you up. Don't hesitate; call the attorneys at Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260 today, and let us ensure you get every bit of the compensation you deserve.

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