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Austin Employment Retaliation Lawyer

Austin residents should be aware that Texas is an at-will employment state, which means that employers can fire employees for almost any reason. However, there are instances in which firings or other forms of retaliation against the employee are unlawful. In the United States, there are federal and state laws that protect employees in the workplace. Becoming familiar with these laws is the first step to understanding proper workplace conduct and standards. Furthermore, these laws protect workers from retaliation and discrimination. If you have experienced purposeful unfair treatment at work, it may be time to contact the Austin employment lawyers of Carabin Shaw. Not only are we skilled in employment law, but we will also help you determine the next legal steps in your case.

What is Retaliation?

Retaliation occurs when the employer wrongfully punishes an employee. An employee might face retaliation after whistleblowing, refusing to participate in illegal acts, or filing a complaint about discrimination. Retaliation violates some laws that aim to protect workers. Retaliation may include:

  • Demotion
  • Firing
  • Change in job position
  • Denial of benefits
  • Salary reduction

In Austin, specific requirements must be met to file a retaliation complaint. For example, your claim must show that “you engaged in a protected activity, your employer took an adverse action, and there was a direct connection between the protected activity and the adverse reaction.” Austin employment lawyers know how to prove this causal relationship.

Fortunately, protections are in place to protect workers who find themselves facing retaliation. If you suffered retaliation in the workplace, contact an Austin employment retaliation lawyer to see what actions you may be able to take next.

Federal Workers Protections

Federal and state protections are put in place to protect workers from wrongful termination and other negative consequences. The Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have a set of standards for employers, such as:

  • Minimum wage: The minimum wage in Austin is $7.25/hour.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability is illegal.
  • Workplace Safety: The Occupational Safety and Health Act passed in 1970 and set the precedent that there are certain safety provisions by which all workplaces must abide.

These federal laws establish a base standard for the workplace. It is important to note that states have their own protections for workers. If your workplace has violated these or any other federal work laws, you should talk to a lawyer about Austin employment law.

Texas Workers Protections

Texas maintains its state laws to protect its workers. These work in addition to federal regulations. Sabine Pilot and the Texas Whistleblower Act are two crucial laws that protect Texas workers.

Sabine Pilot derived from a 1985 Texas Supreme court case in which Sabine Pilot, the employer, asked an employee to perform an illegal act. After the employee’s refusal to engage in criminal activity, the company wrongfully fired him. Under the Sabine Pilot claim, workers are protected from retaliation from a refusal to perform illegal acts.

The Texas Whistleblower Act protects employees who make accurate reports of law violations at their place of work from retaliation. Under this act, the employer may not “suspend, terminate, or take other adverse personnel actions” against the employee.

If you are a Texas resident and have faced a form of retaliation after performing a legal act, an Austin employment retaliation lawyer will be able to take on your case. A Carabin Shaw attorney will help you figure out your next steps.

Next Steps: Contacting a Lawyer

If you have suffered retaliation in Austin, it may be worth your time to speak to an Austin employment retaliation lawyer. Not only will our attorneys be familiar with Texas employment law, but we will be able to guide you through the legal process. If you are unsure if you have faced retaliation, speaking to a lawyer will determine the legality of your firing. Don’t let retaliation stop you from working.

Call Carabin Shaw anytime, toll-free, at 800-862-1260. A wrongful termination lawyer in Austin, Texas will be on standby to listen to your case. Don’t let this incident impact your work history. Call us today.

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