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Austin Trucking Accident Victim: Why You Need an Attorney

The city of Austin is a dense urban hub whose main roadway is a great artery of the larger US highways system: the I-35 corridor. Each day, millions of pounds of commercial trucks and cargo passes through the city limits. As these immense trucks come and go, their magnitude constantly places surrounding traffic in precarious and sometimes dangerous positions.

Safe operation of a vehicle of this size, weight, and momentum requires extra care and attention on behalf of the driver. Unfortunately, commercial trucking companies don’t always employ meticulous and thorough hiring tactics. Sometimes they hire their drivers without appropriate background checks and training policies. In these cases, the chance of a collision in these trucks increases significantly.

Why Austin Trucking Accident Victims Need an Attorney

The significant difference in size between a commercial transportation vehicle and sedan-sized passenger car often places those in the sedan in much greater danger in the event of a collision. Trucking accidents can be caused by a number of variables. Some of these are unforeseeable, and some are wholly preventable, but all of them can disrupt your quality of life and may require the legal attention of an attorney. A few of the most common include:

  • Inclement weather
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Mechanical failure
  • Poor visibility
  • Inclement driving conditions

There are several reasons why trucking accident victims in Austin may need an attorney’s guidance to confront their situation following the collision. Some of the most common include:

To act as a Mediator During Negotiations With Insurance Company:

The unfortunate truth about insurance companies is that their adjusters are in the business of settling claims in favor of their employers, and they are not always focused on their clients’ needs. Victims deserve a voice when dealing with the insurance company, and the assistance of an attorney can maximize their ability to receive full compensation.

To Will Fight for Your Rights in the Event of Conflicting Accounts:

Many of the major issues that arise between parties involved in a collision often stem from these parties remembering the accident differently, or more frustratingly, attempting to use their own account of the details to seek settlements from those that they believe are guilty. Especially if there was no police report or eyewitnesses, an experienced lawyer can help defend you from hearsay and seek the truth to settle conflicting claims with conviction.

To Lend Experience in Dealing with the Aftermath of an Accident:

The aftermath of an accident can seem like an insurmountable collection of diverging narratives, paperwork, and conflicts of interest from all sides. In times like these, you’ll need an experienced guiding legal hand. With an attorney’s assistance, it often becomes much easier to navigate the confusing circumstances that typically follow involvement in an 18-wheeler collision.

Carabin Shaw Attorneys are Here for You

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an 18 wheeler accident in Austin and are uncertain where to turn for answers, contact the lawyers from Carabin Shaw today. We have over 20 years of experience representing victims in all manner of personal injury cases, and our attorneys are dedicated to securing maximum compensation for all our clients across Texas.

As an Austin trucking accident victim, whether you need an attorney shouldn’t be an uncertainty on your mind. If you are unsure whether your individual case requires legal attention, or you doubt your own chances to obtain reparations from third parties for injuries or damages, we are here for you. An experienced lawyer from Carabin Shaw can help you sift through the wreckage and reclaim your life once again. We offer all our potential clients of Austin trucking accidents a free initial consultation to help make you aware of your best options obtaining full reparations.

Commercial vehicle accidents can happen to anyone sharing the roadways in Austin. If it has happened to you, it is important to understand that you have options, and you deserve to know them. Contact the law firm of Carabin Shaw at our Austin offices today at 512-832-1101, or anytime, toll-free, at 800-682-1260. We are here for you.

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