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Beeville Medical Malpractice

Despite a general lack of public awareness, medical malpractice has been found to be the third leading cause of death in the United States, second only to heart disease and cancer. If you or someone you care about has suffered due to a medical professional’s oversight, incompetence, inattentiveness, or inability to properly diagnose and treat in Beeville, you have options, and you deserve to know them. Especially if you have tragically lost a loved one in an instance of medical malpractice, the attorneys at Carabin Shaw want to help you reclaim your life and your financial stability as quickly as possible. Our Beeville medical negligence lawyers are prepared to take on your case.

Financially speaking, victims of medical malpractice suits claimed over $3 billion in damages in the United States in 2012 alone. In these instances, the assistance of an attorney or team of attorneys were often the difference between the success of the claim and subsequent dismissal of the case in court.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is a shockingly ubiquitous issue in the United States: in fact, malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US. The medical malpractice statistics are truly staggering: in the year 2014 alone, insurers compensated patients in what amounted to over $3 billion harmed in cases of medical malpractice. Almost one-third of these payouts involve patients who were either diagnosed too late, or misdiagnosed altogether.

Even circumstances that seem like instances of unintentional negligence may yet warrant a malpractice lawsuit. That is why expediting the process of retaining an experienced medical negligence lawyer in Beeville could prove to be your most important asset. Our law firm handles all types of medical malpractice, including cases of:

A doctor’s inability to administer proper medication to a patient at the risk of harm

Medical malpractice can also include any other breach of the expected ‘duty of care’ that every patient deserves when a doctor assumes responsibility and care of their situation. Fortunately, Carabin Shaw’s lawyers have over 20 years of experience fighting for the rights of anyone affected by medical malpractice.

Instances of medical malpractice should never go unnoticed or ignored; a doctor allowed to go on practicing after he or she has displayed grave errors in judgement is wholly inappropriate and can perpetuate continued harm not only to current patients, but future patients as well. It is important to take all necessary measures to repair damages on behalf of all potential victims.

In such cases of medical malpractice, there are a few initial actions you can take to improve your own success in seeking compensation. The next steps for medical malpractice victims in Beeville include:

  • Identify the problem:
    As soon as you suspect malpractice, you must first determine what the problem is that was caused by professional error. Once the problem has been identified, the effort to prove it and hold those responsible accountable for their actions begins.
  • Document evidence:
    In pursuit of reparation for medical malpractice, the burden of proof lies with the victim. If you have a worsening or infected injury or condition brought about by a doctor’s mishandling of your particular situation, the best way to reinforce your case and improve the chances of filing a successful malpractice suit may be through fervent documentation and accumulation of evidence.
  • Educate yourself:
    Perhaps most importantly, victims should educate themselves on the difference between medical malpractice and ‘negligence’. The difference between malpractice and negligence relates to the involvement of intent on the part of the attending medical professional.
  • Contact a lawyer:
    A medical negligence lawyer in Beeville will often be the difference between a successful malpractice suit and unsettled mistreatment by doctors and nurses. The quicker you retain legal guidance, the higher your chances for maximum compensation.

For more information regarding medical malpractice in Beeville, who’s liable, who can be sued in a medical malpractice suit, and what sort of compensation you may be entitled to, contact the lawyers at Carabin Shaw, day or night. We will do everything in our power to help you secure compensation and loss recovery for you and your loved ones. We are even willing to offer an initial consultation, free of charge, for all potential clients.

We possess a wide breadth of information and experience, and we can answer any and all frequently asked questions of medical malpractice and otherwise. We want to help you obtain maximum compensation for your damages and losses, and reclaim your life. For all inquiries and questions regarding your next steps for medical malpractice victims, contact a medical negligence lawyer serving Beeville from Carabin Shaw today at 361-358-6300 or toll-free at 800-682-1260.

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