Boating Accidents

Many operators of boats, jet skis and other water craft fail to properly estimate the potential dangers of boats and water. Most boating and jet ski accidents occur because of of negligence and/or gross negligence.  Unfortunately, even a momentary lapse of judgment or attention can result in serious personal injuries or death. Regardless of the type of boating accident one has suffered, an experienced attorney can help recover medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages and physical impairment.
In the event a wrongful death from a boating accident the family of the victim can file a wrongful death suit. Boating accidents can devastate someone financially and cause difficulties due to expensive medical treatment and loss of income.  Many times an injury from a boating accident may be underestimated and the boating accident injury can later cause continued pain, further injuries and financial burdens. A experienced injury lawyer can seek damages appropriate to the injuries sustained.
Injury Claims involving water accidents can involve complex legal and technical issues. The following discusses a few matters that should be considered when evaluating a claim.
  • Was the activity properly supervised?
  • Were the operators properly trained?
  • Was the activity private in nature or was it business related?
  • Was the activity part of a commercial rental business? 
  • What was the specific activity being performed?
  • When and where was it being performed?
  • What were the circumstances of the accident?
  • Was it age appropriate for the person involved?
  • Were operator's trained in lifesaving techniques, such as CPR?
  • Was safety equipment available?
  • How long did the injured party wait before pursuing their claim? 
  • Are there any peculiar legal requirements for the jurisdictions where the accident occurred?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident?
  • Were any photographs or videos taken of the accident?
  • Did government authorities investigate the accident?
  • Was there an ability to immediately notify medical personnel in the event of injury?
  • Was their any special equipment being used? 
  • Was the equipment in disrepair or properly maintained or otherwise unsafe or defective?
  • Was the equipment subject to any recalls? 
  • Did the injured participant sign a waiver or release of liability before engaging in the activity?
  • Were they competent to do so? 
  • Were there injuries or was someone killed?

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