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Causes of Bird and Lime Scooter Accidents in Austin

With the arrival of Bird and Lime scooters, there are now even more ways to get around Austin – and another way to expose yourself to serious accidents and injury. The California-based companies offer their scooter-sharing service as an alternative to navigate city streets quickly, but it hasn’t taken long, however, for the scooters to be at the center of attention over the danger they present to operators and pedestrians.

While the companies promote themselves as a fun and safe way of getting around town, the reality is an increase of visits to the emergency room for the city and the hospital bills that come with it. As they recover, victims will likely need compensation to cover these expenses, Austin personal injury lawyers are already being tasked to assist those involved.

What Causes Scooter Accidents?

There are too many causes of Bird and Lime scooter accidents in Austin are varied, and they involve every type of person out on the street – whether they were riding a scooter or not. A majority of accidents are caused by the rider’s behavior or inexperience, either too distracted, young, unskilled, or even flat-out too drunk to ride safely.

Bird and Lime are often lackluster in their maintenance of scooters, and many accidents happen when the scooter equipment breaks down while in use. Careless or brazen riders also present a danger when they race through traffic, presenting a target too small or swift for drivers to avoid hitting.

A scooter doesn’t even need a rider to create an accident. One of the most prevalent causes of scooter-related injuries in Austin involves operators leaving them laying on the sidewalk and posing a risk to pedestrians. Some are left in the streets where they obstruct bicyclists and vehicles. There have even been instances of scooter operators running into hapless pedestrians as well.

The causes of Bird and Lime scooter accidents in Austin are exceeded only by the serious nature of the resulting injuries. Head trauma, broken bones, cuts, and other serious injuries have disrupted the lives of many operators and pedestrians.

These injuries are costly and need to be covered. As a result, there is confusion over who exactly should be liable for these injuries, and this is why Austin accident attorneys are being called upon to help.

As with any accident, evaluating the causes of Bird and Lime scooter accidents in Austin is a critical part of determining who is at fault. It could be the scooters themselves are defective and may be the cause of the accident. If this is the case, an entirely new line of questions must be answered:

  • Was the scooter itself defective?
  • Were there sufficient warnings advising operators of the risks involved?
  • Was there some fault in the motor or other critical component of the scooter?

All of these questions are best answered with the assistance of a lawyer in Austin.

Ask Carabin Shaw if Someone is Liable for Causing Your Accident

An experienced attorney has the knowledge and resources to thoroughly investigate the details of a scooter accident and advocate for the rights of those injured. As one might guess, scooter accidents can be complicated and are certainly not something one would want to handle without competent legal help.

The Law Offices of Carabin Shaw have electric scooter accident attorneys in Austin who are prepared to help those with injuries be justly compensated. Our lawyers are able to give their full attention to our clients so that they can focus their energy on seeking the proper treatment and recovering.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Austin, give us a call. One of our attorneys will meet with you for a free initial consultation. You can discuss the details of your accident, the medical treatment you received, and any other questions needed to gain the peace of mind that your case is taken care of properly. Each of our attorneys works on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will never be charged any fees until your case is won.

After your first visit to the doctor for your injuries, you need an attorney who is already at work developing your claim for compensation. Call Carabin Shaw immediately by dialing 1.800.862.1260.

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