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Child Care Injury and Abuse in Oklahoma

Entrusting your child to a daycare requires an immense amount of faith. You trust that the daycare will look after your child with the same attention and care that you do as a parent, but so often that is not the case. What happens when that trust is broken? Has your child been abused at a daycare, leaving you wondering what steps you can take next? Oklahoma child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are committed to guiding you through those next steps and ready to fight for the equity that you and your child deserve.

So often we tell ourselves that sexual abuse cannot happen to our children, or that a level of consistent isolation is required for such a danger to be present. It is a dangerous and incorrect assumption, though, as daycare sexual abuse in Oklahoma can occur wherever a predator has made themselves present, even if other children or daycare supervisors are nearby.

If your child has been violated or abused by a daycare employee, our expert attorneys are committed to helping you seek rightful compensation for the physical, emotional, and mental harm that can follow your child far into the future.

When Should I Contact a Child Care Injury and Abuse Lawyer?

Paramount to pursuing justice and compensation for child abuse is understanding how to identify the abuse. Predators, such as those that prey on children, will rarely act spontaneously. Instead, they will foster trust with a child and build a friendly relationship, using grooming behavior to coerce the victim to keep the abuse a secret between them. Alternatively, a predator might utilize guilt to keep the child quiet, convincing the victim that they are to blame or at fault for the abuse. This grooming means that the victim is unlikely to come forward on their own.

This does not mean that abuse cannot be identified, however. If you discover behavioral or physical signs of abuse, then it may be time to contact one of the Oklahoma child abuse attorneys at Carabin Shaw.

Physical signs of sexual abuse can manifest in many ways, including:

  • Bruising or bleeding (especially near genital areas)
  • Stained undergarments, or bowel problems

Behavioral signs of sexual abuse in children can manifest as:

  • Advanced knowledge of sexual information for their age
  • Regressing to younger behaviors (such as wetting the bed or thumb sucking if they have outgrown these behaviors)
  • Refusal to be apart from their primary supervisor if this was not previously a concern
  • Trying to avoid changing clothes, etc.

Our attorneys at Carabin Shaw recognize that sexual abuse is not limited to assault and penetration. Oklahoma law identifies child sexual abuse as any inappropriate touching, forcing a child to observe or engage in sexual acts, keeping pornographic pictures or recordings of a child, exposing oneself sexually to a child, coercing a child to a private location for the purpose of making sexual contact, and more.

If you have identified any of the above signs in your child, or any suspicious behaviors of a daycare employee around your child, you may benefit from contacting the Oklahoma child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

What a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Do for You | Free Case Review

Identifying the signs of child sexual abuse can be difficult and may leave you asking yourself “What next?” Experts at Carabin Shaw are waiting to hear your case and help you understand the options you have if your child has been the victim of sexual assault from a daycare employee.

Our staff is on-call 24/7, toll-free, at 800-862-1260 and offer both English AND Spanish speaking consultants. Our free case review and initial consultation offers a commitment-free opportunity for you to pursue the equity you deserve.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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