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Oklahoma Daycare Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most difficult and traumatic things that children can endure, especially when the abuse comes from someone they trust, like a daycare employee. Victims of sexual abuse in Oklahoma have options for pursuing compensation from those who perpetrated the abuse or allowed it to happen through negligence or oversight.

After you or a loved one suffers sexual abuse in any type of childcare center, you should consider hiring sexual abuse attorneys in Oklahoma and pursuing a civil claim against the daycare center and abuser. A civil claim differs from a criminal case that could be brought against the abuser. In civil claims, victims of abuse and their loved ones can recover compensation for their abuse-related expenses, their physical and emotional suffering, and other monetary awards intended to punish the abuser.

Signs to Look for if You Believe Your Child Is Undergoing Abuse at an Oklahoma Daycare Center

Although it is not easy to consider, there are physical signs of abuse that you can look for, as well as signs in your child’s behavior that may signal that sexual abuse is taking place at the daycare center that your child is attending. Our attorneys have compiled a list below of possible signs that your child is experiencing abuse:

  • Trauma, redness, or swelling in your child’s genital area
  • Torn or bloody clothing when they come home from daycare
  • A newfound fear of adults or being left alone with adults
  • Newly started bedwetting or night terrors
  • Fear of being dropped off at daycare, church, or youth group
  • Acting out sexual acts during play or newfound, age-advanced sexual knowledge

If any of these signs appear in combination, you should speak to your child in a calm, non-confrontational manner away from the daycare center. Your child may be reluctant to share information because abusers often build trust with their victims and ask them to keep the abuse a secret.

If you notice something like trauma to your child’s genitals, you should consider contacting the authorities immediately. Never confront a potential abuser on your own as they may become violent or have an opportunity to flee.

If you have confirmed that your child has suffered sexual abuse at daycare, you need a legal team that is well-versed in sexual abuse cases like the Oklahoma daycare sexual abuse lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

Things to Consider When Pursuing a Civil Claim Against an Abuser

When filing a civil lawsuit against a child sexual abuser, you need to consider the following:

Hiring the Right Attorney

When filing a sexual abuse case, you need to have an experienced and competent legal team on your side. The law firm you hire should have an outstanding reputation, experience handling child sexual abuse cases, an excellent track record, and many years in business.

Naming the Correct Defendants

Suing only the perpetrator of the abuse can lead to lower than desired settlements because personal injury settlement amounts are contingent upon the defendant’s ability to pay. You and your lawyer should ensure that everyone responsible for the abuse is named in the suit, including the daycare company, its management, parent company, or oversight committee, if appropriate.

The Statute of Limitations

In Oklahoma, victims of child sexual abuse have until their 45th birthday to file a civil claim against their abuser. There are caveats to this statute, so speaking to a lawyer immediately after the abuse occurs is always advised.

The Daycare Abuse Lawyers at Carabin Shaw Care | Free Initial Consultations

If your child has suffered abuse at the hands of a childcare worker, you can fight to hold them or their employer liable in a civil trial for the financial, emotional, and psychological damage they’ve done to your child and your family. To do so, you need an experienced legal team like the Oklahoma child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw. We always put our clients’ needs first, and that’s why we’ve been named a top 10 personal injury law firm in the nation for client satisfaction.

We offer free case reviews to abuse victims and their families, and you can schedule yours by calling us toll-free at 800-862-1260. We have both English and Spanish-speaking staff available to listen to your needs 24/7.

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