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Commercial Litigation Attorneys in San Antonio Tx - Helping Individuals Against Businesses

Pursuing commercial litigation can be overwhelming without the necessary resources, especially when legal business dispute resolution can so often make an individual feel like they are facing something far bigger than themselves. The San Antonio business litigation lawyers at Carabin Shaw are dedicated to helping individuals who have been harmed by businesses.

If you are pursuing a legal claim against a business, you can schedule a free case review with our trusted attorneys. We will work with you so you fully understand the commercial litigation process, what it entails, and how to prepare for it.

What Is Commercial Litigation in San Antonio?

Commercial litigation occurs after a legal dispute between two or more parties and where one of those parties is a business entity. This can include partnerships, corporations, etc. As with a civil dispute, the suing party typically seeks compensation through either financial rewards or some sort of action from the sued entity.

Commonly, legal assistance for business lawsuits between a business and individual are related to goods that are sold or distributed, contracts, and transactions related to trade or commerce.

Because such lawsuits are so complex, and often involve greater financial repercussions due to the nature of the claims, working with lawyers that have the necessary resources and experience is vital. In order to gain additional information about these lawsuits and how they operate, our staff is available to take your call 24/7, toll-free at 800-862-1260.

Common Forms of Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a vast legal term, and can encompass any lawsuit that involves both a single entity and a business. Common causes for commercial litigation include:

Breach of contract

A breach of contract is the most common cause for commercial disputes. In circumstances where multiple parties have signed an agreement under contract, and one has been unable to fulfill that contract, legal action may be pursued.

This can be the failure to deliver a product on time, a failure to provide the correct product as promised, etc. Commercial litigation attorneys in San Antonio can further help you to determine what constitutes a breach of contract.

Employment Disputes

The U.S. Census Bureau accounts for over 21,000 employer firms in the city as of 2017, and any of these can cause an employment dispute for an individual. Sexual harassment, discrimination, and violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which establishes overtime pay, minimum wage, and other standards, are among the most common caused of employment disputes.

Employment disputes are never simple, and businesses commonly prefer to protect their earnings over their harmed employees. The business dispute lawyers in Texas with Carabin Shaw will fight for the justice you deserve from your commercial litigation case.

Seeking Compensation Through Commercial Litigation in San Antonio

San Antonio has witnessed incredible business growth across various fields over the last twenty years. However, as businesses grow, they can easily forget the duty that they owe to employees, customers, and civilians. Legal assistance for business lawsuits is the right of any individual who has suffered wrongs at the hands of a business entity.

These entities have a duty to uphold contracts, both written and oral. Our team will help you to build your case by gathering evidence, communicating with associated businesses and companies, and ensuring that you win the appropriate compensation for your case. We offer our services on a contingency-fee basis, so our support costs you nothing until your case is won.

Commercial litigation cases are commonly resolved through either mediation, which involves a mediator settling an agreement between all parties, and arbitration, which involves a neutral third-party dictating the results. If you need a commercial litigator, the Carabin Shaw reviews prove why Carabin Shaw is your best option.

Our attorneys have the resources and experience needed to litigate on your behalf. The reputation of our English and Spanish-speaking is self-evident, and our initial consultations allow you to learn, first-hand, why we are your best choice.

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