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Commercial Vehicle & Delivery Truck Accidents in El Paso

If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident in El Paso, you are likely wondering what your next step should be. You may be feeling the pressure of medical bills and the cost of repairing your own vehicle, and may have missed work and lost out on wages due to your injury or your lack of transportation. Fortunately, help is available. Contact Carabin Shaw’s El Paso office at 915-779-2301 to see how we can help you through your legal process.

What Are the Main Causes of Commercial Vehicle & Delivery Truck Accidents in El Paso?

Truck accidents happen for a number of different reasons, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that driver error is the critical factor in the vast majority of commercial vehicle accidents. Driver error includes things like not obeying the speed limit, not maintaining a safe following distance, changing lanes without signaling or checking that the way is clear, driving while distracted (such as while texting), or operating under the influence.

Drowsy driving is a common cause of commercial vehicle and delivery truck accidents in El Paso. Commercial drivers are made to work long hours, and are at risk of becoming exhausted if they do not follow the federal guidelines for break time. Drowsy driving has been shown to be as harmful as, or even worse than, driving under the influence of alcohol, and can be penalized in many states.

If the driver involved in your accident was operating in any of the above-mentioned ways, there is a good chance that they were acting negligently. El Paso commercial vehicle accident lawyers can help you build a case around this fact.

How Common is a Commercial Truck Accident in El Paso?

Accidents involving large trucks are unfortunately very common in Texas due to the size of our state and the transportation needs of the oil industry here. In 2018, the Texas Department of Transportation reported over 35,000 accidents involving commercial vehicles, along with over 400 resultant deaths.

What if I Was Injured By a Vehicle’s Cargo?

Failure of the driver of a commercial vehicle to properly secure their cargo is a negligent act that poses a huge risk to everyone else on the road. If you were injured by improperly-secured or hazardous cargo, look into hiring qualified El Paso accident attorneys to help you with a legal case.

What Will Happen if I Pursue Legal Action?

If you decide to pursue legal action, your first step should be looking for an experienced attorney who can help you with your case. Specifically, you should be on the lookout for expert El Paso commercial vehicle accident lawyers who will know the details of commercial vehicle accident litigation, as it is often more complex than standard personal injury cases.

You will likely be pursuing a settlement rather than a court case. A personal injury case may take years to go to court, and if your case is legitimate, the defendant will likely offer to settle to avoid a lawsuit.

Your attorney will likely present your claim to the other driver’s insurer. When going through insurance, it will be important that you are certain about the details of the accident and your resultant injury. A good lawyer will help you prepare to present these details in a way that helps your case.

How Can I Decide Between El Paso Accident Attorneys?

Since truck accidents are so common in Texas, you will find no shortage of El Paso lawyers claiming to specialize in truck accident litigation. A helpful way of deciding if an attorney is right for you is by scheduling free consultations. With a consultation, you can learn about an attorney’s experience with cases similar to your own, their base of knowledge about truck accident claims, and how they would approach your case. Contact Carabin Shaw for a free consultation today at 1-800-862-1260.

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