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Common Causes of Semitruck Accidents | New Mexico Injury Attorneys

When you’re traveling on the highway, semitrucks are everywhere. If you happen to get into an accident with one in Hobbs, New Mexico, it could have dire consequences. 18 wheelers are more likely to cause severe injury or death because of their size and weight. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler, you need an attorney to represent you.

Carabin Shaw has been fighting for victims for over 25 years, and we take pride in providing above-and-beyond service to our clients. Each Hobbs 18 wheeler accident lawyer on our team believes deeply in advocating for those who have suffered in 18 wheeler accidents. We want you to get justice.

What Causes 18 Wheeler Accidents

There are many reasons why 18 wheelers get into wrecks, but some of the most common causes of semitruck accidents are:

  1. Distracted Driving: When a driver is distracted, they lose awareness of their surroundings and their ability to react quickly, which can lead to severe wrecks. Today, one of the most significant hazards people face on the road is texting and driving. When truck drivers are at the wheel for hours on end, they may be tempted to use their phone. Speak with a Hobbs trucking accident attorney if a distracted truck driver hit yo
  2. Driver Fatigue: Of all the causes of 18 wheeler accidents, driver fatigue is the most common. Drivers have to drive very long distances in short periods. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict regulations for the number of hours per day a truck driver can operate. However, truckers don’t always abide by these rules. In Hobbs, New Mexico, these regulations do not apply if the driver works within 100 to 150 miles of the regular place of business. Additionally, 18 wheeler operators are usually paid by the mile, which means they have an incentive to drive more miles in less time. A Hobbs 18 wheeler accident lawyer will know what to do if a fatigued truck driver has hit you.
  3. Reckless Driving: Many truck drivers to speed to get to their destination faster, putting everyone near them on the road at risk. Driving beyond the speed limit means drivers have less time to react in dangerous scenarios. Additionally, crashes at higher speeds usually lead to more serious injuries. If a reckless driver struck you, a lawyer could help you make the most of your case.
  4. Poor Training: There are minimum training requirements that drivers must complete before they take a commercial vehicle on the road. But, there are also ways to circumvent them. When truckers aren’t appropriately trained to drive a big rig, the results can be disastrous.
  5. Improper Maintenance: The law requires that 18 wheeler companies maintain their vehicles to specific safety standards. If companies and drivers neglect proper maintenance, a tire blowout or failing brake pad could cause a deadly accident on the road. If you need more information about improper maintenance, a Hobbs trucking accident attorney can answer your questions.
How to Beat Trucking Companies

An accident with an 18 wheeler can be life-shattering. Moreover, the trucking companies will try to give you as little compensation as possible, which only makes a tragedy like this more difficult. An attorney can be there for you. At Carabin Shaw, we know how to beat big trucking companies and make them pay you what you deserve. Our New Mexico injury attorneys will fight those responsible for your accident and hold them accountable.

If you need a lawyer that will do everything in their power to make sure you are taken care of, you can count on us. Talk with a Hobbs 18 wheeler accident lawyer at our firm today. For a free consultation, dial 915-779-2301 or call us toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

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