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Common Oilfield Work Injuries | Fort Stockton Accident Attorneys

Oilfield workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in America. Because these workers are required to constantly work with heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and explosive substances, accidents are both frequent and often severe. And sadly, many of these workplace accidents could have been prevented. Employer negligence plays a role in many oilfield accidents—and if you’ve been hurt at work in the oilfield in Fort Stockton, Texas, qualified Fort Stockton accident attorneys can help you determine whether you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

To learn more about common oilfield work injuries, who may be held liable for workplace injuries, and how to choose among Fort Stockton injury lawyers following an oilfield work accident in Fort Stockton, read on.

Common Oilfield Work Injuries and Their Causes 1. Becoming Entangled in Equipment

According to OSHA data on oilfield accidents, the most common cause of severe injuries was getting a finger or body part caught in oilfield equipment. The results are often permanently debilitating, and finger amputations are all too common. This is why it is so important that employers provide their oilfield workers with protective gloves—and adequate safety training—and ensure that all machines are routinely maintained.

2. Slip and Falls and Injury by Falling Objects

The next most common cause of severe injury was found to be slips and falls, followed by employees being struck by falling objects. Oilfield workers are routinely exposed to slick surfaces and heavy machinery. If these surfaces are not properly cleaned, and if machines are not routinely inspected, maintained, and secured, tragedies may ensue. And even if the machinery is properly functioning, there is always a risk of falls or accidents at even the safest oilfield workplace—which is why employees must be given proper protective equipment when on the job.

3. Fires and/or Explosions

Fires and explosions are the next leading cause of severe oilfield injuries. Oil is a highly flammable substance. Improperly maintained oilfield equipment can lead to blowouts, explosions, or fires—all of which can result in death or serious injuries to workers.

Injured at Work? Here’s Why You Should Consult With an Attorney ASAP

If you were hurt while working on the oilfield, the first thing you should do after seeking medical attention is consult with an attorney. This is because initial insurance settlements for injured oilfield workers are often far too low and because determining fault in these accidents can be complicated. If you accept a settlement before speaking with a lawyer, you may not get all of the compensation you are entitled to—which may later leave you saddled with exorbitant medical bills you can’t pay. A lawyer will help you investigate whether the company provided employees with proper equipment, proper training, and whether they took all of the necessary steps to prevent workplace accidents—failure to do any of these constitutes negligence.

Insurers will often try to shift the blame for accidents onto the victim to protect corporations from legal liability, or to minimize the company’s share of the blame. However, a qualified oilfield accident attorney can help you investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, determining whether OSHA guidelines were being followed, whether machines were operating properly, and more.

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