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Dallas Sabine Pilot Retaliation Lawyer (Refusing to Commit an Illegal Act)

Working in an at-will state means that an employer can terminate an employee for almost any reason. However, there are specific protections in place to help employees who have been fired for illegal reasons. For example, the Sabine Pilot doctrine protects workers from being terminated for refusing to commit illegal acts. This protection extends to all Texan workers, including those in Dallas. If you believe your employer fired you without just cause, then it may be time to find a Dallas Sabine Pilot retaliation lawyer for refusing to commit an illegal act. For the best outcome, work with a Carabin Shaw attorney who understands employment law in Texas.

Wrongful Retaliation

Retaliation occurs when the employer punishes the employee for engaging in a protected activity, such as filing a claim against the employer, refusing to participate in sexual activities, or communicating with a supervisor about harassment. If you engaged in a protected activity, and then faced an adverse action by your employer, you may have experienced retaliation. There are many forms of retaliation, such as:

  • Demotion
  • Pay decrease
  • Firing
  • Job reassignment

To determine if you faced retaliation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Before your firing—did you report any potential violations (possibly to human resources or OSHA)?
  • If so, did your employer then engage in any negative behavior toward you?
  • Were you discouraged from filing the claim?
  • Were you wrongfully terminated after filing a claim against your employer?

If you answered yes to any of these, you might be eligible to sue your employer. Wrongful termination is the most severe form of retaliation one can face. If you live in Dallas and believe you have suffered retaliation in the workplace, or are unsure if you have, connecting with a lawyer will help you understand what you can do next. Not only will they be able to determine if you have definitively experienced wrongful termination, but they will understand which protections you have under Dallas employment law.

Workers’ Protections and Sabine Pilot

There are federal and state protections for employees working in Dallas. Some examples are:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Under EEO, it is unlawful to fire someone based on their race, color, gender, national origin, or disability.
  • Texas Whistleblower Act: It is illegal to fire someone who, in good faith, has made a report signifying illegal activity by the employer.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): OSHA ensures a safe workplace for all. This protection includes a safe work environment and earning the appropriate wages.

One other state protection is Sabine Pilot. The Texas Supreme Court established Sabine Pilot in 1985. The case involved an employer, Sabine Pilot, who asked an employee to participate in criminal activity. The employee knew the act was illegal, so he refused. After his refusal, Sabine Pilot fired him. The case eventually went to the Texas Supreme Court, which ruled the firing illegal. This verdict then set a precedent in employment law.

If you are seeking a Dallas Sabine Pilot retaliation lawyer for refusing to commit an illegal act, speaking to the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw is a suitable place to begin. When filing a Sabine Pilot claim, working closely with experienced Dallas employment lawyers is necessary. Our team understands the complexities of employment law and will help you determine if you have a good case. You deserve to work with the best.

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