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Damages Available To Dallas Swimming Pool Injury Victims

Swimming pool accidents in Dallas Tx can take a dramatic toll on a victim’s life. If a swimming pool accident leads to drowning, the victim’s family will have to cope with that tragedy for the rest of their days.

When someone else’s negligence causes your suffering, you can recover ample compensation. A family whose daughter drowned in a motel pool, for example, was awarded $750,000 for their loss. In another case, a young and inexperienced swimmer was asked to swim in the deep end during a school swimming class and ultimately drowned. His family was given $2,000,000 in compensation.

If you or a loved one was injured or drowned in a swimming pool accident, you deserve justice. A Dallas Tx drowning lawyer can fight for you. Our personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw serving Dallas Texas always promise to do whatever we can to get you the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to.

Premises Liability Law and The Different Types of “Entrants”

When swimming pool accidents happen, the pool owner is often found liable for the accident because swimming pool accidents fall under premises liability law. In premises liability law, property owners are responsible for accidents that happen on their property.

Under premises liability law in Dallas Tx, visitors or “entrants” are owed different duties of care based on their classification, as follows:


Invitees are visitors who have explicit permission to be on the property, so they are owed the highest duty of care. Property owners must keep their premises reasonably free of any hazards that could harm an invitee, including warning visitors of any dangers and doing routine maintenance.


Similar to invitees, licensees are allowed to be on the premises, but they are not necessarily there for the owner’s benefit. An example of a licensee would be a guest at a party. Licensees are still owed a duty of care, but to a lesser degree than invitees. If you have questions about the definition of a licensee, ask a Dallas drowning accident attorney.


A trespasser is someone who is not allowed to be on the premises. Unless the trespasser is a child, property owners do not owe trespassers a duty of care.

To know how the distinctions between the different types of entrants may affect your case, speak with a lawyer.

Potential Damages You May Recover After a Dallas Tx Swimming Pool Accident

Because pool accidents can result in serious injuries or death, victims are often eligible to recover compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

The following are the different types of damages available to Dallas swimming pool injury victims:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are usually the most straightforward form of compensation to recover because they are recoupment for calculable losses. Some examples of economic damages include property damage, medical expenses, and loss of income.

Non-Economic Damages

After a swimming pool accident, victims may be able to recover non-economic damages for their pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional anguish. Consult a Dallas Tx drowning lawyer if you believe you should receive non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases, victims can be awarded punitive damages if the at-fault party exhibited extreme negligence. If a property owner knowingly leaves a child with no swimming experience in the pool unsupervised and that child suffers injuries, the victim and their family could be able to recover punitive damages.

If you want an expert opinion on the compensation you could earn in your case, talk to an established attorney.

Carabin Shaw Offers Free Consultations to All Pool Accident Victims

When another’s negligence has caused your suffering, you deserve justice. The personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw serving Dallas Texas can be there for you. Our Dallas drowning accident attorneys can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We know how to build a strong case, and we promise to give you all we have to try and right the wrong that was done to you.

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