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Daycare Sexual Abuse Lawyers Protecting Children in Dallas Tx

For many working families in Dallas Tx, finding a trustworthy daycare center for their children is a top priority. Reports by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that as many as a third of young children are cared for by a non-relative on a regular basis, with close to 5 million of these children attending an organized preschool or daycare facility. With so many children receiving hours of care outside their homes each week, it’s essential that daycare facilities are held to the highest standards in the quality of care they provide.

And while the vast majority of daycare facilities extend competent and compassionate care to the families they serve, not all daycare centers can be trusted to maintain safe environments for children. The Texas child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw know too well that many Texas children will suffer the devastating impacts of sexual abuse within these facilities each year.

Our specialized attorneys are committed to assisting families in the aftermath of daycare abuse to recover the compensation they deserve. With the help of fair and comprehensive financial settlements, families can secure the resources they need to facilitate their child’s recovery.

How to Recognize Warning Signs of Daycare Abuse

While no parent wants to imagine that their child could fall victim to daycare abuse, being informed of the common warning signs positions parents to intervene quickly should they ever need to protect a child from a dangerous situation.

Dallas child sexual abuse attorneys recommend that parents look out for a number of common physical and behavioral signs of abuse in order to keep their child as safe as possible.

Physical Signs

There are many different ways in which a child can be exposed to sexual abuse, and not all abuse is likely to result in clear physical signs that a parent can perceive. In some cases, however, parents will recognize symptoms such as redness, swelling, or trauma to a child’s genital areas or the development of sexually transmitted infections. If a parent should notice these signs, they should seek out medical treatment for their child immediately and report the suspected abuse to police or other state authorities.

Emotional and Behavioral Signs

Sadly, perpetrators of daycare abuse in Dallas Tx are often intentional about using intimidation tactics to keep their victims silent and compliant. Because of this, parents will need to look for more subtle emotional and behavioral cues that may be a child’s only way of communicating that they’ve been harmed. These include sudden clinginess or fear of being left with other adults, frequent nightmares and bedwetting, intense mood swings, and acting out sexual gestures in play.

How Can a Lawyer Help After Daycare Abuse?

While no legal process can truly account for the pain a child suffers when victimized by daycare abuse, securing a financial settlement can help families acquire the resources they need to initiate their child’s recovery. The daycare sexual abuse lawyers protecting children in Dallas Tx can help families conduct comprehensive investigations into the details of abuse, as well as formulate effective civil claims that secure all of the compensation victims are entitled to. Sexual abuse lawyers will also be able to determine if multiple entities can be held liable for abuse, meaning victims are most likely to receive the largest settlement awards possible.

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