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Defective Electric Scooter Equipment: Injured Bird or Lime Operator in Austin

Bird and Lime scooters are taking over the streets of Austin and giving pedestrians more options to navigate everything from packed downtown locations to smaller neighborhoods within the city. When you want nothing more than to move from point A to point B, this new method of transportation may seem like a great option. However, as soon as electric scooters hit city streets, the risks associated with being a rider became clear.

Scooters malfunctioning or operating in an unsafe manner have sullied the reputation of Austin’s latest option for getting around town. Many of the scooters are poorly maintained, damaged, or simply defective. As with any form of public transportation, the scooters ought to undergo a thorough maintenance check, but the sheer number of scooters can make it difficult to keep track of these maintenance needs.

If you are an injured Bird or Lime scooter operator in Austin who has been affected by defective equipment, it may be time to contact one of Carabin Shaw’s electric scooter accident attorneys in Austin.

What to do if You are Injured While Riding an Electric Scooter

Any injured Bird or Lime scooter operator in Austin affected by defective equipment should reach out to the Austin accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw. These lawyers can help injured parties navigate the overwhelming legal process of proving defective equipment is responsible for their injuries. An experienced attorney will understand the necessary requirements to hold the scooter companies liable.

The state of Texas offers three paths for proving equipment is defective:

  1. An attorney could demonstrate the scooter is inherently defective in its design. This claim could involve an issue with the scooter’s motor or braking system. If there is a demonstrable flaw in the scooter’s design, the law might consider it defective.
  2. An attorney may find that there is a defect in the marketing of the scooter. An example of this could be an insufficient warning to the operator outlining the inherent danger of the scooter.
  3. Austin personal injury lawyers could argue there is a manufacturing defect in the scooter. If the scooter malfunctioned as a result of poor construction and an operator was injured as a result, then this could illustrate that the scooter is defective.
How to get the Most out of Your Personal Injury Case

Injured parties must keep good medical records of all diagnoses and treatments related to the accident. This alone can be a daunting task, but an attorney can provide invaluable assistance with this process.

As with any personal injury case, time is of the essence. If you’ve been injured in a scooter accident and suspect it’s the result of defective equipment, it’s best to contact a lawyer in Austin immediately.

Bird and Lime scooters are only growing in popularity, and their production will continue to increase. The more scooters on the market will likely correspond to a higher probability of personal injury to either the rider or to a pedestrian.

Contact a Carabin Shaw Lawyer Today

If you think you are an injured Bird or Lime scooter operator in Austin who has been affected by defective equipment, it may be time to contact an attorney at Carabin Shaw.

The Carabin Shaw attorneys in Austin have the experience and skill to address all of the legal issues related to your personal injury case. If you were injured in an electric scooter accident in Austin, see a doctor immediately and then give our office a call. You can schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys to review the details of your case. We will not charge you until we win your case.

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