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Del Rio Drinking and Driving a Motorcycle

Drinking and driving accidents happen far too often and put you and your family at risk; when you add a motorcycle into the mix, the situation can become a lot worse. Motorcycle accidents happen just as often as drunk driving accidents, and when they happen together, they often lead to severe injuries. When a motorcyclist drinks and drives in Del Rio, they are putting not only themselves at jeopardy, but other drivers and their passengers as well. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Del Rio drinking and driving a motorcycle accident, you will need a lawyer from Carabin Shaw to help you with your claim to get you the compensation you both deserve and need for your suffering.

It is very difficult for regular drivers to see motorcyclists to begin with, especially at night, and a drunk motorcyclist doesn’t make it any easier. If a motorcyclist’s reactions are impaired or aren’t quick enough, this can easily lead to an accident. Even one drink can reduce a person’s reaction and response rate on the road. All of these factors combined can lead to prime conditions for a Del Rio motorcycle accident.

Many people who drink and drive in Del Rio do so because they believe one or two beers will not impair their judgement. However, at 0.08 BAC – roughly two drinks – reaction time can be reduced by 15–20%, and visual acuity by up to 32%; this is what often leads to accidents, injuries, and in some cases, death. These accidents are easy to prevent by simply having a designated driver or securing alternate transportation, yet these tragedies continue unmitigated year after year.

Involvement in a Del Rio drinking and driving a motorcycle accident can not only affect you physically, it can affect you financially and emotionally. Accidents are often a traumatic experience, especially when a life is lost. Unfortunately, alcohol-involved motorcycle accidents often result in the death of the motorcyclist due to lack of safety equipment and attire.

If a motorcyclist does die in an accident involving you due to the fact they have been drinking and driving, you may feel responsible for their death. You must remember that it wasn’t your decisions that caused the accident, it was those of the intoxicated rider. Still, all the reasoning in the world may not protect you from the psychological consequences of the tragedy, and if you are left with psychological or emotional trauma, such as anxiety disorders or PTSD, you have the legal and ethical right to compensation from the at-fault insurance company, and you should know that it is okay seek it.

If you or a loved one is injured in any way, medical bills, income loss, and therapy are causes for compensation. Our lawyers can make sure you are rightfully compensated and you are not put to blame. Carabin Shaw in Del Rio will fight for your rights and demand justice.

Insurance companies may try to get out of giving you the right amount of money, by trying to blame you for the accident, especially if the motorcyclist has received worse injuries or possible death due to lack of safety wear. They may try to cover up the fact that the cyclist was driving while intoxicated in order to save money.

The lawyers at our law firm will not allow this to happen. They are ready and experienced in defending cases like yours, and will fight tooth and nail to ensure justice is served and you are rightfully compensated. There is no reason you should take any of the blame for another person’s failure to follow the law.

A Del Rio drinking and driving a motorcycle accident can change your life forever and take its toll on your family. You have already been through enough; the Carabin Shaw legal team has the dedication and determination to win your case and get you back to normal, daily life. We will help you get through this complicated process quickly and with less stress.

Call the attorneys at Carabin Shaw in Del Rio day or night to get the help you need. We offer free consultations in English and Spanish with a Del Rio drunk motorcycle crash attorney who specializes in area of law and has the background and knowledge to successfully file your claim and win your case. The longer you put it off, the easier it will be to fall into overwhelming debt. Contact our lawyers today toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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