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Del Rio Drunk Driver Auto Accidents

Alcohol-related impairment is responsible for more than half of all car crashes. More than 65% of all single-car collisions occur because the driver is over the lawful BAC threshold. Additionally, over 50% of all multi-car highway crashes resulting in death stem from alcohol-induced driver negligence. The numbers are truly staggering. Driving while drunk can lead to serious injuries to the drunk driver, any adjacent drivers sharing the road, and even innocent pedestrians. The idea that your life and/or the lives of those you care about can be drastically altered because of someone else’s irresponsible decision to stay at the bar, consume an extra drink or two, and then get behind the wheel is a reality that all too many Americans must face each year. If it happens to you, our lawyers in Del Rio want to help you resolve the helpless predicament of a circumstantial and wholly preventable tragedy such as this.

After enduring a serious accident related to another person’s decision to drink and drive, you may find bills piling up, or even an inability to work or care for yourself. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may also be in need of perpetual medical care, attention, and rehabilitation in order to attain an assemblance of your life before the crash. If you fall victim to these problems after an accident, you are still better off than those countless victims who lose their lives in these crashes. Regardless, no one should have to cope with a drunk driving accident and the ensuing complications alone. If you or a loved one has tragically been involved in a drunk driving accident in the Del Rio area, call a Del Rio Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer. With our aid, you can once again rest easy with the comfort of knowing that we are on your side and will not rest until your case is resolved.

Driving while drunk can be classified under many different names; driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), drunken driving, driving and drinking, drunk driving, impaired driving, and operating under the influence, just to name a few. The common thread between all of these is the potentially devastating result for all involved parties. Del Rio Drunk Driver Auto Accidents can happen at any time. If you need legal attention in relation to these offenses and find yourself in and around Del Rio, Texas, help is just minutes away.

If you or someone you know has suffered in an accident caused by the negligence of a drunk driver, they may be eligible to receive compensation for many types of post-collision predicaments. Victims may be entitled to future medical care if any injuries were incurred during the accident. This can even include medical bills relating directly to the accident.You may be qualified for compensation related to both physical pain and bodily stress as well as mental distress brought on by the circumstances surrounding the crash. Once again, wages can be lost when you must take time to heal after a collision. Your potential future earning capacity could dissipate as well. Any sort of physical disfigurement and impairment is also fair game where compensation is concerned. Call the lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

Historically, on average a drunk driving car accident affects 2 in 3 drivers. Unfortunately, Del Rio drunk driver auto accidents can affect all aspects of life. Call the lawyers at Carabin Shaw; our team of attorneys in the Del Rio area can help you. Del Rio drunk driver auto accidents should not be an excuse for an altered life filled with complication and difficulty, just because of your presence on the road at the same time as an intoxicated driver. Victims of Del Rio auto accidents have a voice, and that voice is Carabin Shaw.

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