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Del Rio Truck Stopping Distance Accidents

The attorneys at Carabin Shaw who represent victims of 18-wheeler accidents throughout Texas know that Del Rio truck stopping distance accidents can occur at any time for a plethora of reasons. From drivers being overly tired and not being able to stay awake, to bad weather, faulty equipment, or bald tires, Del Rio residents are all too familiar with reading in the news reports of truck driving accidents throughout the Lone Star State.

Based on the findings of the State Traffic Safety Information published by the NHTSA in 2015, Texas leads the nation for the most deaths in commercial trucking accidents, claiming 561 lives. That same year throughout the United States, an average of 13 people died daily in trucking accidents for a total of 4,816 people.

One of the many reasons we have seen an uptick of 18-wheeler accidents can be attributed to the demand for more truck drivers on the road. Commercial freight movement via trucking is the number one mode of bulk transportation throughout the United States. It is no surprise that with growth in online shopping and the corresponding demand for customer shipping comes a need for more trucks on the road and those who drive them. Those drivers are expected to reach their specific destination points within a limited time frame. These rush deliveries can result in carriers feeling pressured to stay on the road with little to no sleep.

It is permissible for the operator of a large truck to drive up to 14 hours straight, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCA). These long hours are expected out of truckers, but only after following 10 hours of off-duty rest. Unfortunately, there are commonly instances where truck drivers are asked to take loads even if they have not had the required time off the road. This is often a request by the management responsible for the shipping or receiving of freight.

This issue is so prevalent that the FMCA has put in place the Prohibiting Coercion of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers rule. The coercion rule was adopted to prohibit carriers, receivers, shippers, and transportation intermediaries from coercing the truck drivers to violate their hours-of-service limits. Despite these rules and regulations, there are still transporters putting other motorists at risk by driving longer than authorized, ultimately leading to accidents.

Del Rio truck stopping distance accidents happen especially when fatigue prevents a driver from being able to come to a complete stop in time. When a semi-truck at full capacity is traveling through Del Rio at 55 miles per hour, it can take up to 390 feet to make a complete and safe stop, which is more than the length of a football field. Since 18-wheelers take 40% longer to come to a complete stop compared to an average car, it is crucial that drivers are always on alert and ready to maneuver their truck in the safest manner. If the driver is not alert, tragedy may result.

The lawyers at Carabin Shaw know that truckers are not always following motorists at a safe distance or are often driving while fatigued, and to be forced to drive alongside this clear danger is by no means fair to you or those you care about. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an accident such as those in Del Rio truck stopping distance accidents, please contact a Del Rio truck driving accident attorney at Carabin Shaw.

The expert lawyers at Carabin Shaw are experienced in handling all manner of 18-wheeler cases and are well-equipped to help those that have been affected by the negligence of a truck driver or the trucking company in Del Rio. Large trucking corporations should be held to a higher standard and discouraged from sending unsafe drivers on the road with unsuspecting motorists. The attorneys at Carabin Shaw want to ensure that you come out with the best possible compensations that you are legally due.

Before you settle out of court for less than what you are owed for medical bills, disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering, call an attorney at Carabin Shaw at 800-862-1260 for a free consultation. With your help, we can hold the commercial trucking industry accountable until they think twice about skirting the rules, and together, we can make Del Rio a safer place to live.

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