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Distracted Electric Scooter Drivers Causing Accidents in Austin

The city of Austin is undeniably one of the best cities in the United States for pedestrians, bicyclists, roller skaters, and other “active transportation” enthusiasts. Many of the city’s main roadways are now constructed so as to encourage bike traffic and facilitate safe travel alongside conventional motor traffic. Capitalizing on this shift in commuter culture, pay-to-ride startups like bikeshare companies Oro and B-cycle have become popular as an easy and convenient transportation alternative.

Scooter-share companies are latest contenders in this developing market, and they are quickly spreading. In April 2018, the number of Bird scooters on Austin sidewalks and roadways ballooned to approximately 700 units. Even more followed with the advent of Lime – formerly limebike – a major Bird competitor.

Anyone can create an account. Because of this, there is no way to be sure that those operating a rented bike or scooter are qualified, competent, or even sober enough to use them safely. When coupled with the fact that theses dockless scooters are usually left scattered across sidewalks, they can even pose a threat to pedestrian traffic.

An even greater danger is distracted scooter drivers causing accidents in Austin. Scooter users tend to be tourists and visitors, who have a greater probability of being focused on their friends and looking at the sights around them rather than at the road ahead, potentially subjecting themselves and others to danger. In a city with many other preexisting traffic issues of its own, electric scooter companies like Bird and Limelight add to traffic density. If riders and drivers are not careful, collisions may occur.

Austin Accidents Caused by Distracted Scooter Operators

Just like in a car, distracted drivers are undoubtedly one of the leading causes for scooter accidents. Negligent scooter operation can lead to all types of collisions for surrounding drivers and pedestrians. These scooters provide little to no protection for their operators, and their size and speed can place surrounding motorists and pedestrians at risk of injury as well.

Because these types of e-travel options are relatively new, many drivers are sometimes wholly unaware of their presence on the road and are thus unprepared to account for it. In these cases, the scooter operators pose a threat. It is all too common for drivers to be unable to drive defensively and prevent accidents. Distractions can come from many sources for the scooter operator. Some of the most common include:

  • Cell phone distraction
  • Lack of general awareness
  • Horseplay and mischief
  • Friends on scooters
  • Disobeying of traffic signs
  • Headphones or loud music
  • Intoxication
A Carabin Shaw Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you know has been involved in an electric scooter accident involving a distracted rider in Austin, you may have a case that requires legal attention. The attorneys from Carabin Shaw want to help you pursue full compensation for all damages, inconvenience, and injuries. First, it is recommended that you obtain all evidence and gather all materials that may help strengthen your case once you enlist the services of a legal professional.

An attorney can help you compile the facts of your case and determine who is at fault and how much you are owed for your damages. These e-scooter services are new, which means so are restrictions and traffic laws related to their use (and potential misuse) on public streets.

We offer all potential clients a free session with one of our Austin personal injury attorneys to help you understand your best options to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages. We can help you work through all legal aspects of a lawsuit and help steer you towards full recovery.

If you think you may have a negligent scooter accident case on your hands, you can reach one of our attorneys toll-free, day or night at 1.800.862.1260. You can also call our lawyers at our Austin offices at 512.832.1101 to schedule a visit to our offices located at 111 Congress Ave #500, Austin, TX 78704.

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