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Examples of Medical Malpractice in Laredo

In August of 2016, four-year-old Olivia Steinborn was suffering from fever, rapid heartbeat, and irregular breathing. She was taken to an emergency care facility near her suburban Texas home by her parents, where she was given fluids and released in the early hours of the morning. Five hours later, Olivia was dead from bacterial meningitis. Her parents believe their daughter’s death was avoidable. There are several medical facilities providing a wide variety of services to residents of Laredo and, as with little Olivia, there are too many avoidable examples of medical malpractice in Laredo.

You want to be able to trust that the doctors and nurses of Laredo will properly diagnose and care for your needs. For you to have the confidence you expect in a medical provider, you want to know the staff are well-trained and at the top of their game. Sadly, as in the case of four-year-old Olivia, there are times when medical staff lack the experience and insight necessary to care for their patients. This often leads to tragic results.

Stories like these may leave patients feeling uncertain or lacking confidence in their medical providers, with many feeling as though they’re playing Russian roulette with their health. The lawyers at Carabin Shaw of Laredo believe patients have the right to expect the best medical treatment every time they need it; the stakes are too high to tolerate anything less.

We have witnessed first-hand many examples of medical malpractice in Laredo. The devastation an individual and their family experiences when a health condition is made worse as a result of the negligence of a medical provider is unacceptable. This is why our medical malpractice attorneys in Laredo stand ready to serve when you’ve been victimized by improper medical treatment.

It’s important to understand exactly what medical malpractice is. Malpractice takes place when a professional tasked with the duty to provide healthcare or a healthcare organization harms an individual in the course of treatment. For a provider to be legally liable in a court of law, it must be proven that the provider was negligent in some way.

Negligence exposes the doctor’s or the facility’s violation or disregard for the responsibility they have to their patient. There are established standards of care by which medical professionals must abide, and if they fail to do so, they may be found to have neglected their promise to the patient. This is just one of the many reasons a skilled attorney working on your behalf is important in matters like this.

In the examples of medical malpractice in Laredo that go to trial, hospitals and other medical facilities very often have teams of well-paid lawyers who work hard to protect the interests of the doctors for whom they work. You deserve an experienced, hard-working attorney in your corner, protecting your right to receive compensation for the negligence of a health provider.

When you contact the law offices of Carabin Shaw, one of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Laredo will meet with you to discuss your case. This first consultation is always free of charge. We’ll gather all of the information we need, review medical records, and then get to work.

If you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice in Laredo, our offices are ready to take your call any time of the day, any day of the week. Stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your next step to take. Contact Carabin Shaw, and get the representation you deserve. Remember, your first visit with us is always free of charge, and you don’t pay a penny until we win your case.

Call us toll-free in Laredo to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers at 800-862-1260 today.

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