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Experienced Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers in Andrews

Have you been involved in an 18 wheeler accident in Andrews, Texas? If so, you are likely wondering how you will cover all of your new expenses, such as car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. And if the thought of legal action has crossed your mind, you are probably looking for experienced commercial truck accident lawyers in Andrews.

Carabin Shaw can help. Our team of Andrews commercial truck accident attorneys has years of combined experience representing clients with claims like yours. We can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Call us today at 432-620-0544, or call 1-800-862-1260 for a free, no-obligation consultation by phone.

What Causes a Truck Accident in Andrews?

Truck accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Some, including unpredictable weather or poor road conditions, may be unavoidable. However, there are many ways that a commercial driver, or their employer, can act negligently and cause an accident, including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving, including texting and driving
  • Failure to properly inspect and maintain the vehicle
  • Failure to obey traffic laws, including speeding or failing to signal a lane change
  • Drowsy driving
  • Improperly or unsafely securing cargo, which can create a hazard
  • Driving without headlights
  • Failure to observe a safe following distance
  • Underreporting hours driven
  • Failure on the part of the employer to ensure that the driver is properly licensed and trained

Any of the above prove a serious danger to others on the road, and may mean that the driver or their employer are wholly or partially responsible for the accident. If you believe that any of these acts were a factor in your accident, look into Texas accident attorneys to help you pursue a personal injury claim.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

Think of a personal injury claim as the step preceding a lawsuit. With a claim, you and your attorney present to the opposition your complaint, detailing why you believe they are responsible for the accident and how much you are owed in damages. These damages will include economic ones, such as vehicle repair, medical bills, and lost wages, and noneconomic ones, including loss of enjoyment in life or pain and suffering as a result of your injuries. The defendant may settle right away, or your attorney may have to negotiate further.

If I Pursue a Claim, Will I Have to Go to Court?

A personal injury claim is not a formal legal action, and will not go to court. If your lawyer is unable to negotiate an appropriate settlement however,, they will likely advise you to follow a lawsuit, which is an action to bring your case to court. However, court dates are set very far in advance, and negotiation will continue up until that point. Very few personal injury lawsuits actually see the inside of a courtroom, as most are settled in the interim.

How Can I Find Experienced Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers in Andrews?

When deciding between lawyers to represent your personal injury claim after a truck accident in Andrews, scheduling consultations with a few potential lawyers is an essential step. Most Texas accident attorneys will offer free consultations, which are initial meetings in which you can get a sense of their practice and whether or not you want to work with them.

In a consultation, you can ask an attorney about their record, their experience with claims like yours, and how they might approach your case. You can also decide whether their methods are right for you. Some clients want to work closely with an attorney throughout their case, while others prefer to take a more backseat approach. When deciding between Andrews commercial truck accident attorneys, it is important that you find someone whose working methods you are comfortable with.

Carabin Shaw’s team of Texas accident attorneys offers free consultations by phone at 1-800-862-1260. You can also call our office serving Andrews, Texas at 432-620-0544. Call today to see how we can help you.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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