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FAQs From Parents of Daycare Sexual Abuse Victims in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth Tx, many busy parents turn to daycare for a helping hand with their children while they’re at work. It’s only natural to think that daycares will be a safe place for your children. Sadly, that’s not always the case, and children can be the victims of sexual abuse at daycare. According to the Austin American-Statesman, nearly 500 children across Texas were sexually abused at daycare over the past decade. When children are the victims of sexual abuse, they deserve justice for the heinous acts that they had to suffer through.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a civil lawsuit after daycare sexual abuse, the Fort Worth child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw can be there for you and your family. We’ve been fighting on behalf of victims for nearly thirty years, and we always promise to go above and beyond for our clients to recover the compensation they rightfully deserve.

The Answers to Important Questions After Daycare Sexual Abuse

When a child suffers sexual abuse at daycare, it’s always a tragedy. It’s only right that parents want justice, but they may not know where to turn. Before pursuing any legal case, it’s important that parents speak with an attorney about the questions they have.

Below are the most common FAQs from parents of daycare sexual abuse victims:

Q: What Signs May Indicate Daycare Sexual Abuse?

A: Unfortunately, children may suffer sexual abuse for months or even years before you realize what’s going on. Perpetrators often use intimidation tactics to prevent a child from speaking out about what’s happening to them. However, parents who are aware of the signs of sexual abuse may be able to help their child and stop the abuse as quickly as possible.

Some common signs of sexual abuse include bedwetting, increased knowledge of sexual acts, fear of a caretaker, and more.

Q: Who Can Be Held Liable in a Daycare Sexual Abuse Case?

A: When children are victims of sexual abuse in a daycare, the perpetrator isn’t the only person who can be held liable. In addition to the perpetrator, the daycare and any associated entity such as a school district, church, or larger corporation could be found at fault as well.

Q: How Does a Civil Lawsuit Differ From a Criminal Case?

A: Civil lawsuits are different from criminal cases in a few important ways, including the outcome of the case and the burden of proof. Criminal cases may result in jail time and fines for the defendant, while civil cases aim to compensate victims for their financial suffering. Additionally, the burden of proof is much lower in civil cases. To learn more, talk to Fort Worth child sexual abuse attorneys.

Q: What Kind of Damages Will I Be Able to Recover?

A: Victims of sexual abuse in daycares can typically recover both economic and non-economic damages for their suffering, including medical bills, counseling costs, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Q: What’s the Statute of Limitations in a Texas Sexual Abuse Case?

A: Because it can take years for victims to even realize they’ve been sexually abused, there is no statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases in Texas. Victims abused in childhood can file a claim against their abuser into adulthood. It’s never too late to take action when you’ve been a victim of Fort Worth Tx daycare abuse.

If you need help, speak with a lawyer about your options.

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Child sexual abuse is a tragedy that no one should have to endure. If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse at a daycare, you deserve justice. Although you can pursue a civil lawsuit on your own, many victims representing themselves often end up settling for much less than they’re entitled to. Our trusted team of Fort Worth child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help you fight for the compensation you’re rightfully owed.

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