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Fort Worth Daycare Sexual Abuse

In Fort Worth Tx, many children spend long hours each week under the supervision of employees at daycare facilities. Parents rely on daycare centers to provide safe and nurturing environments for their children. They trust that the employees who staff them have their child’s best interests at heart, and yet, most parents know that not all children receive the level of care they deserve at daycare centers. Tragically, some are even actively victimized and abused by the very individuals who are charged with their care.

Learning that a child has been the victim of sexual abuse within a daycare facility is a devastating experience for all parents, regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding the abuse. And without guidance from specialized professionals, most parents won’t know how to respond or facilitate their child’s recovery effectively.

By reaching out to the Texas child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw, parents will gain access to trained professionals with years of experience handling child sexual assault cases. With the assistance of our specialized attorneys, families can best secure the just and comprehensive financial settlements they need to bring about their child’s future recovery.

How Will I Know if My Child Has Been the Victim of Daycare Abuse?

Some parents imagine that the signs of sexual abuse are always obvious, or that their child would tell them if they were ever harmed by a daycare employee. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. According to child sexual abuse attorneys serving Fort Worth, many children will be too frightened, confused, or ashamed to come forward to a parent about the abuse they’ve suffered. Because of this, parents will need to learn to recognize the physical, emotional, and behavioral cues that can serve as indicators that abuse is happening.

In some instances, parents will easily recognize physical signs that their child has been abused. These can include evidence of trauma to a child’s genitals or symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection. In many cases, however, signs of Fort Worth daycare abuse won’t necessarily be evident on a child’s body. Instead, children may communicate their emotional distress through sudden or intense mood swings, fear of strangers, or frequent nightmares and bedwetting. Particularly when children are young, abuse may be followed by a sudden interest in sex or the acting out of sexual gestures in play.

While Fort Worth daycare sexual abuse lawyers know that no parent wants to imagine their child could ever be the victim of abuse, being knowledgeable of these common warning signs prepares parents to intervene to protect their child should they ever need to.

How Are Daycare Abuse Cases Prosecuted?

The legal process following an incident of daycare abuse can be lengthy and complex. Usually, suspected perpetrators will be tried in criminal court first, where they can be sentenced to prison time or charged with other fines or penalties. After this process has been completed, victims and their lawyers can initiate civil lawsuits designed to recover compensation for damages associated with the abuse.

While the specific value of the financial settlements resulting from civil lawsuits varies from case to case, most will include compensation for economic damages, such as medical treatments or psychotherapy, as well as non-economic damages associated with ongoing trauma, pain, and suffering.

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While no legal process can erase the pain and suffering caused by an incident of daycare abuse, securing the right representation can allow you to best support your child moving forward. The Texas child injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw offer professional assistance to victims and their families so that they never have to fight for the justice they deserve alone.

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