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Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit in San Antonio

Being involved in a truck accident can lead to severe injuries and damage, as well as be confusing and overwhelming. You may be thinking about filing a truck accident lawsuit in San Antonio, or considering a settlement instead. Either way, the aid of a lawyer may be necessary, and it’s worth learning about your options. San Antonio truck collision victims can find help with the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw.

What Does it Mean to File a Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit includes recording a legal complaint against someone and eventually going to court. You are ultimately stating there is a disagreement between the two parties. However, you must have a valid claim (such as suing for negligence). In court, your legal aid, such as an 18 wheeler accident lawyer, will represent you. You will need to prove the negligence of the other driver as well as demonstrate the direct connection between their negligence and your injuries.

We advise meeting with an attorney before filing, so you fully understand the possible outcomes of your situation. Additionally, the actual lawsuit is registered with the court, so you should be prepared to pay a fee.

Who Do I File Against?

If a commercial driver struck you, you might be able to sue the employer of the driver, which depends on the circumstances of your accident and legal strategy. A San Antonio trucking injury lawyer may advise suing the employer, as they will tend to have more assets than the individual driver.

How Long Does a Lawsuit Usually Take?

Lawsuits are notoriously long. It depends on how quickly the defendant responds to your claim, as well as the complexity of your case. Expect your case to take many months, or possibly longer. Your legal representation will do as much as they can to ensure a speedy trial--but unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer.

What Can I Gain?

You may earn financial compensation from damages or the economic cost of your sustained injuries. In addition, you may be eligible to gain compensation for missed wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Your San Antonio truck accident lawyer will want to ensure they are thorough in assessing what damages you can receive.

What’s the Difference Between a Lawsuit and a Settlement?

The biggest difference between a lawsuit and a settlement is that a settlement takes place in lieu of trial, as the issue is “settled” out of court. In addition, the method of payment is different: a payment from a settlement will typically be given in one large payment, while a reward from a lawsuit might be spread out during a period of time. Regardless, you will want the aid of a San Antonio trucking injury lawyer. Both scenarios require much negotiation and attention to detail.

What Type of Lawyer Should I Hire?

You’ll want to hire a specialized attorney, such as an 18 wheeler accident lawyer, which ensures their experience with these types of cases that involve negligence and San Antonio traffic laws. Hiring a qualified attorney ensures a better likelihood of winning your case and earning the financial compensation you deserve. A knowledgeable, local attorney works to your benefit.

When Should I File My Lawsuit?

You must file within the statute of limitations, or time limit, according to Texas law. You have two years from your accident to meet with a lawyer to compile your case and file a lawsuit. In other words, filing a truck accident lawsuit in San Antonio should be done as soon as you are able.

Who Should I Call?

Filing a lawsuit can be daunting. You want the most experienced San Antonio truck accident lawyer on your side. You can find a qualified attorney at the office of Carabin Shaw. We’ve been representing truck accident victims for many years, and have the skills to prove it. Consider working with us. Talk to a San Antonio trucking injury lawyer today: call us at 210-222-2288 for a free consultation.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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