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First 5 Steps For Every Beeville Hurricane Harvey Victim

Are you in a dispute with your insurance adjuster regarding the amount of the settlement being offered for the damages and loss you’ve suffered in Beeville as a result of hurricane Harvey? Our Beeville hurricane insurance claims lawyers with Carabin Shaw are standing by to guide you through the first five steps for every Beeville Hurricane Harvey victim, as outlined below. We are ready to advocate on your behalf today, knowing full well what you’ve been through as a result of hurricane Harvey is just the beginning of your recovery.

The goal of our attorneys is to help ensure residents of Beeville recover as quickly as possible and are compensated as much as possible for their losses. As a victim, you may be out of work with no transportation, and likely feel your situation is desperate and unsure about tomorrow. If the adjuster is ready to hand you a check right now, you may want to settle even though you feel the amount is not near what you need.

The reality is that after the major losses so many suffered during Hurricane Harvey, Beeville hurricane claims may take a little time to settle. You need to allow yourself time to consider the future, as well as exactly what you have lost. Rushing to settle too soon can backfire; once a claim is settled it highly unlikely you will be eligible to reconsider your case, and filing too quickly may result in lost compensation and the ability to replace many things.

In many ways, it is to your advantage to have a Carabin Shaw insurance claims lawyer represent your best interests and act as your advocate. Filing a claim and settling a claim are two separate and distinct issues; therefore, while we recommend not settling too quickly, please remember that your hurricane claim must be filed within a certain time frame determined by your insurance company. As you prepare to file your claim, keep in mind these first five steps for every Beeville hurricane Harvey victim:

  1. Contact your insurance adjuster and arrange to meet with them in person at your property to examine and document the damages in person.
  2. Document all the damage yourself with photo and video evidence. Your cell phone will work just fine. Make a running list of lost belongings, go room by room, and identify damaged or destroyed items.
  3. Keep thorough documentation of all communication with your adjuster. After each phone call or meeting, write down what was said, and then send the adjuster an email recapping what was discussed.
  4. Discontinue discussions regarding your claim with the adjuster if you have decided to pursue a legal avenue of collecting what is due to you.
  5. Call Carabin Shaw law offices in Beeville and ask to speak with an attorney.

The attorneys at Carabin Shaw in Beeville are ready to help you obtain every promise made in your policy to the letter, even those hidden away in the small print. We know your recovery is going to be a long and arduous one; it’s going to require all the energy you can muster to get through it.

Allow us the privilege of working on your behalf to support your right to a fair and reasonable settlement that will enable you to begin the task of rebuilding your life. We can be reached in Beeville at 361.358.6300 or at toll-free 800-862-1260; our lawyers will be happy to meet with you, either at our office or your home. If your home is not safe, we can meet somewhere that is and where we can comfortably discuss your claim.

In addition to the first five steps for every Beeville hurricane Harvey victim mentioned above, please remember to follow the next steps as you navigate the road to recovery from hurricane Harvey.

  1. Take care of yourself and your family.
  2. Be on the look-out for flash flood warnings; flooding remains a danger even weeks after the hurricane has passed.
  3. If possible, avoid driving; downed power lines and eroded blacktops with deep pot-holes continue to present dangers to motorists.
  4. If you have small children, warn them that dangers still exist; even a few feet of water can cause a car to float, and it can also cause a child to be swept away or drown.
  5. Most importantly be safe, and call us if you think your claim is in jeopardy— our attorneys are standing by ready to help at 800-862-1260.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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