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Five Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are more than 700,000 personal injury cases in the US every year. Anyone in San Antonio can suffer an unexpected injury, but nobody should have to face one alone. Each case is unique and complicated, but if someone is at fault, they should pay. Contacting a San Antonio personal injury law firm is your best option after an injury. A lawyer can help you understand your options, and Carabin Shaw has been helping people like you win injury cases for over 25 years. While there are many types of injury cases that can be filed, we are going to focus on five common types of personal injury cases.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury cases in the United States. In most accidents, someone is at fault. Whether they are driving distracted, drunk, carelessly, or simply breaking traffic laws, they can be held legally and financially responsible. Not all accidents result in legal responsibility. The definitions of fault in an accident vary state to state. Contact a San Antonio personal injury attorney if you have been involved in an accident. A lawyer can help you sort out the details of your potential case.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases start when a person suffers injury or harm because of a negligent act or omission of care by a medical practitioner. This type of case is usually carried out by an attorney against doctors and hospitals. There is a certain duty of care that all medical professionals must provide, and if that duty is breached due to incompetence or negligence, there may be legal liability. Medical malpractice often involves surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or improper medication, but there are, of course, many other things that can happen. Contact a San Antonio accident attorney to get an expert’s opinion if you have suffered a medical injury.

Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 4.7 million reported dog bites in the US every year. About 800,000 of these bites result in a trip to the hospital. Pet owners are generally responsible if their dog bites someone, but it can vary state to state. In some states, the dog owner must be aware of aggressive tendencies in their pets before a bite occurs to be held liable. Reach out to a San Antonio personal injury attorney if you have been bitten by a dog and want to take legal action.

Product Liability

If a product is manufactured incorrectly, or in a way that is unsafe, and this product causes an injury, the injured party may be able to pursue a defective product case. A San Antonio personal injury law firm may be able to get you compensation if an unsafe product caused your injury. If a product is recalled, but an injury happens before a recall, this can also be a cause for a product liability case.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are common in San Antonio. Whether it is public property, or your neighbor’s house down the street, property owners have a legal responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment for visitors to their property. If something is known to be hazardous and it is not resolved by the property owner in a timely manner and this hazard causes an injury, the property owner may be legally liable. In slip and fall cases, it must be proven that negligence on the property owner’s behalf caused the injury.

Contact Carabin Shaw If You Have Been Injured

If you have been injured, you need to contact a San Antonio accident attorney who specializes in tort law. You need someone who has handled and won many of these five common types of personal injury cases. Carabin Shaw has the experience necessary to help you get the money you deserve. To speak to an attorney, call us today at 210-222-2288.

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