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Handling Austin Dog Bite Cases

As one of the most heavily dog-populated cities in Texas, and the U.S. at large, Austin is home to no small amount of dog bite incidents. Although such accidents may seem harmless, or the result of rough play, the consequences of a dog bite attack can be disastrous. The terrible injuries that can be received, alongside the heightened emotions involved in such attacks from owners, means that pursuing the compensation you are owed as a victim can be incredibly difficult. That’s why, after an Austin dog bite attack, it is important to work with professional Austin injury lawyers like those at Carabin Shaw.

After suffering from a dog bite in Austin, you may be at a loss as to what steps to take next. Expensive medical bills, missed work hours, and limited mobility are only a few of the challenges you may be facing. At Carabin Shaw, our attorneys prioritize the best interests of our clients. It is our belief that you should be able to focus your attention on healing after a dog bite attack. We are dedicated to providing you with the time and means to focus on that endeavor.

Working with top Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw means enlisting the support of an experienced lawyer who will put your best interests first. We will guarantee that you receive your maximum owed compensation by helping you to file your claim, communicating with insurance agencies, and investigating your accident to determine any and all liable parties.

To make this process as easy as possible, we offer free case review and initial consultation to Austin dog bite victims. We believe that you deserve access to the information necessary to make a decision about your next best step, regardless of your financial situation after a dog bite.

Handling Texas Dog Bite Cases

Few personal injury cases carry as much emotional investment as an Austin dog bite. When handling such a case, it is important to remain calm and follow the necessary steps for recovery.

See a Medical Expert

The most important step after a dog bite is to treat the wounds you or a loved one have suffered. Dog bite can lead to broken bones, lacerations to the face and chest, bruising, and scarring. In order to recover, it is important to have these wounds treated as quickly as possible.

Medical support is also the best course of action for treating the potential exposure to rabies. If you are the first person that a dog has attacked, you may be at an increased risk for this life-threatening condition.

Record the Events of the Attack

Writing down, or otherwise recording, the events of your dog bite attack is of great benefit to your claim. This is especially true if you record the events while they are still fresh in your mind. Due to the One Bite Rule in Texas, proving liability on behalf of the owner can be difficult. But depending on what warnings were in place, such as “beware of dog” signs and other items that prove the owner knew of their dog’s proclivity towards biting, can strengthen your claim.

Choose a Reliable Lawyer

The most important step in handling a dog bite case in Austin is to hire an expert Austin dog bite lawyer who will ensure that you have the strongest case possible. Attorneys at Carabin Shaw have fought for the justice of Texas citizens for over three decades.

Carabin Shaw | Austin Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Handling an Austin dog bite can seem overwhelming, but experts at Carabin Shaw are ready to provide you with the best service in the city, as supported by Carabin Shaw’s client reviews.

In order to schedule your free case review, call the toll-free number 800-862-1260. To best serve you, our Spanish and English-speaking professionals are available 24/7.

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